Dear Members,

There is sad news to report. Due to a difficult surgery on her shoulder and an unpredicted very long recovery, Arlene Mason cannot take on the responsibilities of 2020 president and has resigned the remainder of her current term. Her decision impacts the election balloting that is going on at the present time. Based on the comments and assurances of two attorney’s, FAAR is voiding the election process currently in progress and will schedule a new election in the next 30 days or less. With Arlene vacating the president position, President Drew Fristoe has called an emergency meeting of the Board of Directors and the Nominating Committee to re-adjust the officer line-up. The BOD alone could have made those adjustment after the election, but for transparency and fairness, the decision was made to hold a new election with the revised ballot. Stayed tuned for the date when the new ballot goes live.


Drew Fristoe

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