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The June FAARside Newsletter is ready for you!

The June FAARside Newsletter is ready for you!

Your copy of the February Newsletter, the FAARside is here! Crack open a copy to learn about what’s going on at the Association including a letter from the President, how REALTORS are giving back, our 2019 award winners, and more!

This edition includes

  • FAAR activities in the height of Covid-19
  • How you can override bias in your business
  • New laws going into effect
  • Covid & Real Estate: Where have we been and where are we going?
  • Our affiliate marketing partners (AMPs)

and more!

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Fredericksburg REALTORS Foundation donates $2,500 to Mary’s Shelter

COVID is keeping us from doing in-person check presentations, but this blast from the past shows that we have a long history of support!

The Foundation approved a $2,500 grant for an emergency bathroom renovation at Mary’s Shelter.  At any given time, Mary’s Shelter provides housing for up to 18 women and their children in need of safe refuge.  In addition to the homes they own, they also offer financial assistance to women in our community so that they can avoid homelessness.  The shelter has been in operation for 14 years.  

Mary’s Shelter has expanded their services because the needs are so great, while their donations have shrunk due to the pandemic.  One of their homes experienced a very ill-timed bathroom leak, necessitating the move out of two families from units that were impacted.  It is vital that Mary’s Shelter repairs the water damage and the leaky bathroom to get folks back into these units, and that’s where the Foundation’s money comes in. 

While the Foundation was so pleased to give the $2,500 in funding, it falls far short of the $7,000 needed to repair the bathroom.  If you are interested in learning more about Mary’s Shelter or donating to their operation, please visit  

Do you have a passion for helping?? The Thurman Brisben Center needs you!

Can you help you the residents of the Thurman Brisben Center?  The shelter is trying to find stable, long-term housing for many clients right now and they are looking to the Realtor® community for some volunteers to help with that effort.  Do you have a passion for helping under-served communities and know your way around the area rental market?  Then you could be the perfect fit!  Contact Kim Lally or David Cooper with the shelter for more details.

Thurman Brisben Fast Facts:

  • Only about 1% of Brisben clients are served by local housing programs, leaving the rest to be “self-resolvers” and figure it out on their own.
  • In April 2020, over 60% of residents moved into temporary housing including about 20% into hotels.
  • 43% of people entering the shelter have been housed there before.
  • Thurman Brisben does not receive any funding to help with re-housing (rent subsidies, security deposit assistance, etc) and they have only two case managers who are trying to assist a large number of people move into stable, long-term housing.  This is where YOU can play a part!

The Fredericksburg Realtors Foundation Celebrates 30 Years of Service with the Launch of the $20 for 2020 Campaign

We hope our launch video filmed back in February brings you a moment of joy as we try to provide for the less fortunate this year. Thank you for your support.

A History of Giving

In the past 3 years, REALTORS® gave back over $50,000 to local housing-related organizations and charities through the Fredericksburg REALTORS® Foundation.

We could not do this without your support. There is no doubt, we are currently in a period of change that is affecting many. The need has always been great, but now it is even greater. That’s why the Foundation is launching the $20 for 2020 campaign now.

This Year is Different

Since January 1, the Foundation has granted out over $10,000 to local charities to help with the crushing demand they’ve experienced caused by COVID-19. That leaves us with just $5,000 left and grants coming in every week. Help us be able to say YES to these cries for help!

We know there are many worthy charities in our community, but why not join forces with 1,700 of your fellow Realtors® in support of the Foundation? We are the face of REALTOR® giving in the Fredericksburg region.

We encourage each of you to commit to donating $20 in 2020 so the Foundation can continue to meet the emergency grant requests coming in from local charities.

To make a donation or learn more about the Foundation visit or follow the Foundation on Facebook for updates!

Previously supported organizations include

Happy Hour for a Good Cause – Thursday April 30th, 2020 from 4-5 PM

Join the Foundation Governors for a kickoff Happy Hour from your own living room! Join the meeting at

Thank you from the Fredericksburg REALTORS® Foundation Governors


Anne Overington, Century 21 Redwood Realty |

Debbie Irwin, BHHS Select Realty |

Carrie Danko, 1st Choice Better Homes and Land |

Shannon Mauro, United Real Estate Premier |

Jennifer Doughty, CTI Real Estate |

Erin Witt, CMS Mortgage Solutions |

Randy Walther, Nest Realty |

Abby Fitzsimmons, Coldwell Banker Elite |

Carol Sondrini, Coldwell Banker Elite |

David Cropper, Weichert Realtors |

Pam Godfrey, Universal Title |

Want to educate your kids (or yourself!) on budgeting and finances? NSWC has you covered!

Guest blog from FAAR Affiliate Marketing Partner NSWC Federal Credit Union, check out all the cool stuff they are doing these next two days!!!

We have a variety of financial education Zoom meetings available no matter what stage you are in. We’ll be going over savings and budgets for the school age groups, and scams that are going on now and how to avoid them and protect yourself. Please feel free to share to your co-workers, friends, family and more.

Elementary School Age Students– 4/23 9am Lauren Polen is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 814 7344 1125
Password: 028682

Middle School Aged Students– 4/23 1pm Lauren Polen is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 879 2473 3290
Password: 002652

High School Aged Students  – 4/24 11am Lauren Polen is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 824 7354 0107
Password: 016777

Adults- 4/24 1pm Lauren Polen is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 832 6422 0986
Password: 001734

Celebrate Service Month 2020

Celebrate Service Month 2020

FAAR is proud to introduce our Celebrate Service Month! Let us highlight your community programs and recognize your service. You can now fill out our Celebrate Service Month form to share how you, your office, or your team like to serve our community. You can even recruit new volunteers by raising awareness of your program! In May we’ll be highlighting projects and agents throughout the area.

Fill out the form below to submit your organization for recognition! Throughout the month of May, we will be sharing member charities across social media.

Realtors® Celebrate Service Month 2020

Use this form to share your office and individual community service projects with us so we can curate and share with the world!
  • Office name of submitting individual
  • Please list all offices/individuals involved in description section.
  • Please list the details about your project so we can share it with the world!
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

We are excited to be able to share all the great charities in our community! Make sure you follow our FaceBook page and Instagram to see the exciting charities that get highlighted.

Did you know FAAR has a charitable organization that helps with housing needs in our area? Check out!

#MemberMonday Meet REALTOR® Danielle Kitzmiller

The Fredericksburg Area Association of REALTORS® Member Spotlight feature allows members of the community to get to know each other before working with each other in a transaction. Each member answers a series of questions to reveal more about themselves as people.  It is FAAR’s hope that learning about an individual may spark connections that blossom via email, phone conversations or in-person meetings at events and classes.

Danielle Kitzmiller

Swindon, United Kingdom

Current Location

REALTOR® with Holt for Homes

Number of Years in the Industry

Why do you love working in real estate?
This industry really ticks all the boxes for me. I am a bubbly easy going people person, who loves to share in the excitement of finding new homes for my clients. I realized a long time ago I was not cut out for the monotony of a 9-5 office job and so this career field works perfect. My husband and I often used to tour open houses for fun, so how great that now I get to do it as a job!

Favorite Work Story 
last year I was videoing a home for an out of state client, when stepped out the back door outside and very nearly stood on a snake, the choice words that came out of my mouth as I was trying to avoid swearing in my english accent were interesting. I decided to go ahead send the video to my client (since I had no intention of going back to redo!) of which they found extremely amusing. It worked out well though, as they posted all over social media how totally committed their realtor was, which was very appreciated! They didn’t buy that house though!!

What are you most proud of in your career?
I’m am most proud of being able to successfully balance being a full time REALTOR® with also running a mobile dog grooming business as well as being a mother to two young boys. It can mean very long hours at times, but I love it

Do you have a special cause or volunteer your time?
I am all about the military clients. I am a spouse of a retired air force member as well as being an air force brat, so I know all too well the stresses that go along with pcs’ing. I offer a rebate program to my military clients (as well as others) as a thank you for your service and for choosing me!

Fun Fact
Currently in the process of interviewing to be an agent on House Hunters!

Unwanted wheelchair ramps? We need ’em!

Are you selling a home that has a wheelchair ramp that the next owners don’t need or don’t want?  Then the 516 Project wants to hear from you!  They are accepting donations of metal or aluminum ramps and lifts in good condition to use on their service projects.  Please note that they cannot accept wooden, permanent structures nor can they accept interior wheelchair lifts used for staircases.  If you are interested in learning more, please email  

The fruits of your funds…

It’s not everyday that we get to see the tangible outcome that our funds help support so the Fredericksburg Realtors® Foundation is so excited to share this story.  In August of 2019, the Foundation granted $1,500 to SAWs Virginia, a relatively new charity to the Fredericksburg landscape that builds wheelchair ramps for those in need.  Here is the true story of what those raffle funds you all contribute go towards…

Our grant built a wheelchair ramp for a woman who has been disabled for many years with degenerative disk disease and neuropathy.  Her husband is also medically disabled.  They rent a single floor home, but have a set of several steps leading into the house.  She could not exit her home without the assistance of medical transport but this wheelchair ramp changes everything.  Thank you, FAAR members, for your continued support of the Fredericksburg Realtors® Foundation, stories like these are why we do what we do!

February 2020 Newsletter is here!

February 2020 Newsletter is here!

Your one stop shop for FAAR information in one place—Learn what local REALTORS® have accomplished recently, read the update on the General Assembly, and get excited for our free March is for Members activities! But that’s not all!

This edition includes

  • 2019 Year in Review
  • Message from the 2020 FAAR President, Drew Fristoe
  • Thank you to RPAC investors
  • Instructors Wanted
  • C2EX endorsed FAAR members
  • An update on the General Assembly
  • Yearly CE/PL and Designation/Certification Schedule

and more!

Don’t like reading on screens? Visit FAAR to pick up a print copy or request an office visit and we’ll bring them to you!

Thanks for reading!

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