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Setting up Bright MLS as a FAAR Realtor®


Getting started with Bright

Having issues with the transition? Scroll to the bottom of this page for the issue submission form!

Vernon Jones, Regional Vice President of Bright MLS sat down with 2019 FAAR President Drew Fristoe to share some time-saving features including the Accuracy Bullseye which you can use to report inconsistencies/issues fast and anonymously, the specifics on how to search for subdivision with the wildcard, and the Bright Youtube resources available 24/7.

Bright Support Channels

There are many ways to get in touch with Bright MLS. Use this pdf as a guide on avenues for feedback/issue resolution. 

View Bright Training on Youtube

Learn at your own pace everything from Bright Basics to managing your listing, advanced features, and everything in between.

Additional Resources

Recorded webinars, short videos, and articles to help the transition to Bright MLS

Do my FAAR dues cover the cost of Bright MLS?
No, they do not.  You will need to contact Bright MLS at (888) 838-8200 or visit to get the pricing information.

Where & when do I sign up for Bright MLS?

  • For new agents:  Once you receive your welcome email from Lori Hillard-Wehr, you may continue with Bright MLS enrollment.  You will need your NRDS number in order to receive the member rate.  You will need to contact Bright MLS at (844)-552-7444  to set up your service.
  • For returning/transferring agents:  The NRDS number that you received at your 1st association is the number that you will use for Bright MLS.  Your NRDS number will not change when you transfer associations.


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Bright MLS Community Group

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Searching for Listings that Accept Subsidies or Voucher-eligible Housing

Read this short article on how to search for listings that meet this criteria

Bright MLS Support and Suggestions

Thank you to everyone who supported the county code prefix initiative. FAAR and 4 other local associations banded together to have our voices heard and retain this field in the new system. For any new issues, share them here and via email to and The support team at Bright is prioritizing support issues by the number of times they are mentioned.

Submit an Issue - MLS

Describe your MLS related issue here. If you are having an issue that needs immediate help, call Bright MLS at 1-844-552-7444.

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