Bright MLS FAQ

Setting up Bright MLS as a FAAR Realtor®


Additional Resources

Recorded webinars, short videos, and articles to help the transition to Bright MLS

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Searching for Listings that Accept Subsidies or Voucher-eligible Housing

Read this short article on how to search for listings that meet this criteria

Bright MLS Support and Suggestions

Thank you to everyone who supported the county code prefix initiative. FAAR and 4 other local associations banded together to have our voices heard and retain this field in the new system. For any new issues, share them here and via email to and The support team at Bright is prioritizing support issues by the number of times they are mentioned.

Submit an Issue - MLS

Describe your MLS related issue here. If you are having an issue that needs immediate help, call Bright MLS at 1-844-552-7444.

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