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“Applying for REALTOR® Membership


Your FAAR Staff Welcoming Team

Lori Hillard-Wehr

Membership Services Director

Koko Martin
Assistant Membership Director


Application requirements

  • Completed application – Visit the “My Account” page and click on “Get Started” to set up your portal information and apply for FAAR membership. (If you are a returning member, please fill out the form here.)
  • Payment information included (see Fee Chart below)
  • Broker Approval

Processing Time

Processing may take up to 72 hours depending on the number of applications in the queue. Once applications are prcocessed and payment is submitted, a member record is created, a M1(NRDS) Number is generated by NAR, and a welcome letter is sent to the applicant.



chart of Realtor member fees


Sentrilock Access

Subscription to Sentrilock—separate transaction with separate application

Sentrilock subscriptions are not included with your FAAR dues. Once you have received your M1(NRDS) number and are ready to begin your Sentrilock subscription, please email A staff member will update your records in the Sentrilock database, which with trigger Sentrilock to contact you directly for payment. Sentrilock will complete the subscription activation process and assist you with downloading and logging into your Sentrilock app. As of 2022, Sentrilock will no longer issue physical keycards. Members are directed to utilize the Sentrilock app on their smart phones. 

Lockbox Purchases

Sentrilock lockboxes are available for purchase at FAAR ($130.00+tax). A lockbox attaches to the door and is opened using the Sentricard/SentriSmart App.

Bright MLS

Subscription in Bright MLS—separate transaction with separate application

Bright MLS subscriptions are not included with your FAAR dues. Once the FAAR application is processed and the M1(NRDS) number assigned, new members may apply for application directly to Bright MLS by calling 1-844-552-7444 or visiting

Mandatory Ethics and Orientation

At the time of application processing, new members are automatically registered for a New Member Ethics class and an Orientation session. Attendance within the first 120 days of joining is required. Failure to do so may result in membership termination and Sentrilock deactivation. A FAAR re-application fee of $275 is also assessed.


Become a FAAR Member

Interested in Becoming an Affiliate Member?

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FAAR FAQs for Agents

How long does it take for an application or transfer from to be processed?

There is a 24 to 72 hour turnaround for processing applications and office transfers. No Sentrilock or Bright MLS services can be rendered at the time the application is turned in.

I’m changing my company affiliation. Who do I notify?

To initiate an office transfer, please log in to your account at Upon logging in, scroll down to see the “Initiate office transfer” link. Please click that link and follow the prompts including submission of the $75 office transfer fee. It is imperative to complete this process promptly as part of your relocation process. Failure to do so will result in your inactivation at FAAR, Virginia REALTORS®, the National Association of REALTORS® and Sentrilock.

I’m changing my home address or phone number. Who do I notify?

Use this link and login to update information like home address, phone number, email preferences, second languages, your website url, and more! 

My name has changed. Who do I notify?

Please click here to complete our contact update form and mail or email it to FAAR at

How do I access “members-only” content on this Website?

FAAR members receive a username and password in a FAAR “Welcome Letter” via email after an application is processed. Anyone can create an account (members or non-members) at, but only the FAAR-assigned account will be connected to a member’s profile and display Code of Ethics dates, annual dues notices, receipts, and class certificates.

After logging in, you will be able to change your password. If you are unable to log on via this method, please contact Lori Hillard-Wehr or Koko Martin, Member Services.

How do I place my real estate license on referral?

This is done through your broker. Please note that by placing your license on referral, you will cease to meet the membership criteria for our association and will thus lose your REALTOR® membership (until such time as you should elect to reactivate your license).

How do I reactivate my license?

Please contact DPOR at (804) 367-8500 or visit their website at After obtaining a license, you may apply for REALTOR® membership at any time by contacting FAAR.  Complete the membership application and bring it with you to your appointment at FAAR.

How do I cancel my FAAR membership?

If you wish to terminate your FAAR membership for any reason, please contact Lori Hillard-Wehr or Koko Martin, Member Services. You will need to, notify your broker, fill out this form and return it to FAAR. Please note that you will not be entitled to a full or partial refund (as was stipulated in the membership application and/or renewal statements you have completed).

I just bought lockboxes from another agent. How do I get them in my name?

You will need a bill of sale from the agent with the list of serial numbers they sold. Bring the bill of sale to FAAR to have the boxes transferred. There is a $5.00 per lockbox charge for the transfer.

Can I transfer lockboxes to another association?

Yes, FAAR members can sell lockboxes outside of the association.

What is a NRDS or M1 number? How do I find mine?

Your M1(NRDS) number is a PIN code that is assigned by the first REALTOR® Association that you join. Your M1(NRDS) number is used to identify you in all REALTOR® association databases. If you are a new agent to FAAR, your M1(NRDS) number will be included in your “Welcome to FAAR” email. If you have been an agent, and are looking for your M1(NRDS) number, please contact Lori Hillard-Wehr or Koko Martin, Member Services.

What happens if my license expires?

REALTOR® members must hold a valid license with DPOR. Upon expiration, the FAAR office will notify a member via email within 5 business days of the expiration. On the 10th of the month, if DPOR does not indicate the license is renewed, the FAAR office will terminate all services- association, Sentrilock and Brightmls.

What if I have additional questions?

Please contact FAAR Membership Director Lori Hillard-Wehr at 540-373-7711, extension 203.

Becoming an Affiliate Member

Looking for a great way to get involved with FAAR? Become an affiliate member and start reaping the benefits today! Our Affiliate Membership entitles you to:


  • Participate on FAAR Committees. From Education to Special Functions, you will have a lot of opportunities to get involved. See the FAAR Committees page for a description of all Committees.
  • Access FAAR member rosters. By becoming an Affiliate, you will gain access to the password-protected areas of the FAAR website including the member search directory and access to member email rosters. Search for a member, find contact information, and more!
  • Receive invitations to FAAR’s social events and educational seminars. Some social events include the Annual Awards Event, Foundation Golf Tournament, and Halloween Mixer. You can also take advantage of member pricing on FAAR’s education classes.
  • Advertise in the FAARSide Newsletter. This publication is delivered to all FAAR members digitally twice a year. Choose between full-page, half-page, or quarter-page ads.
  • Advertise in the FAAR Directory. The FAAR Directory is an annual publication that is delivered digitally to all members of the Association. Only Affiliate members can advertise in this publication. FAAR Affiliate members also receive a listing in this directory.
  • Join our exclusive Affiliate Marketing Partners (AMP) program. Our AMPs are a special group of Affiliates who choose to sponsor FAAR’s social events, education classes, and more! AMPs receive increased marketing exposure to our REALTOR® members. AMPs are also exclusively listed on the Affiliate Marketing Partners Directory page.


If you have questions about becoming an Affiliate member or it’s benefits, call the FAAR headquarters at (540) 373-7711.

  • For regards about Affiliate membership, speak with FAAR’s Membership Services Director Lori Hillard-Wehr.
  • For details about publication services and dates, advertising and marketing opportunities, or becoming an Affiliate Marketing Partner, speak with Barbara Castillo (
  • For more information about our Committees, ask to speak with a Committee Chair or FAAR’s CEO Page Browning.
chart of Affiliate member dues

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