Get involved – join a FAAR committee that appeals to you.


Joining a FAAR committee is a great way to get involved with the Association and network with fellow agents.  FAAR has a multitude of options that appeal to every discipline within real estate and builds on the many talents of our members. The incoming President selects chairs and the incoming President-Elect selects vice chairs for the current year.

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Awards Committee
Establishes awards criteria and reviews applications. The program of awards recognizes a member’s professionalism, association and community involvement and encourages members to become active in FAAR. Meets twice a year.

Chair: Chip Taylor,

Vice Chair: Carol Sondrini,

Staff Contact: Page Browning,

Education/Professional Development Committee

Coordinates education programs for FAAR including trending topics, designation courses and continuing education offerings. Policy maker for the FAAR Academy. Seeks instructors and facilitators from the membership. Group meets monthly.

Chair: Kevin McGrath,

Vice Chair:  Corrine Macon,

Staff Contact: Barbara Castillo,

Public Policy/RPAC Committee
Monitors issues affecting home ownership and the real estate industry. Establishes relationships with area legislators. The RPAC sub group raises the awareness of the importance of RPAC and spearheads fundraising activities. Meets monthly.

Chair: Brad Johnson,

Vice Chair:  Ieshia Leverette,

Staff Contact: Kim McClellan,

Events Committee

Composed of REALTOR® and affiliate members, who plan, organize and execute FAAR social events. The events create a networking opportunity within the Realtor® community.

Chair:  Valerie Dellandre,

Vice Chair:  Tina Perry,

Staff Contact: Barbra Sanders,

Community Service Committee

Represents Realtors® through performing good works for the community. For example, making dinners at the Homeless Shelter, sponsoring a tour house in the annual Fredericksburg Candlelight Tour, Secret Santa Christmas gift giving, working on Habitat for Humanity fundraising events. Meets monthly.

Chair:  Laura Rodier,

Vice Chair: Sherrie Shaw,

Staff Contact: Lauren Zuza,

Communication and Technology Committee
This group discusses and evaluates how agents can use technology to strengthen their business and oversees the association’s communication plan. This committee also monitors FAAR’s website for usability and effectiveness and advises FAAR staff on technology upgrades to the office. Meets monthly followed by an open workshop called “Tech Time.”

Chair: Michael Brannon,

Vice Chair: Kent Schrader, 

Staff Contact: Lauren Zuza,

Young Professionals Network

Works to promote professional relationships among young real estate professionals or those new to real estate and to support the Realtor® community now and in the future. Facilitates exchange of ideas in a social setting; offers educational opportunities. Assists FAAR to identify and engage future leaders. Serves the community through volunteer work to enhance the Realtor® visibility and image. Meets monthly.

Chair:  Heather O’Neill,

Vice Chair:  Allison Graves,

Staff Contact: Barbra Sanders,

Managing Broker Network

Supports the Realtor® broker community through sharing industry resources and networking. Facilitates exchange of ideas in a social setting; offers educational opportunities. Meets every 2 months.

Chair: Matthew Rathbun,

Staff Contact: Barbara Castillo,

Property Management Working Group
Focuses on agents who do property management/leasing. Alternates meeting format with round table discussions and educational presentations. Meets every other month.

Chair: Dawn Josemans,

Vice Chair:  Don Pett,

Staff Contact: Kim McClellan,


Grievance Committee
Grievance reviews ethics complaints and requests for arbitration from agents and the public and determines whether they merit a hearing. The group also administers the Citation System. Membership requires an annual training session and three years’ experience as an agent. Caseload dictates meetings. Training to be a mediator is available. An additional application is required.

Chair: Matthew Rathbun,

Vice Chair:  Alicia Angstadt,

Staff Contact: Barbara Castillo,

Professional Standards Committee
Panels of Professional Standards members hold hearings to determine whether violations of the Code of Ethics have occurred or to resolve procuring cause issues. Membership requires an annual training session and three years’ experience as an agent. Caseload dictates meetings. Training to be an ombudsman is available. An additional application is required.

Chair: Sherry Bailey,

Vice Chair:  Sha Williams-Hinnant,

Staff Contact: Barbara Castillo,

Budget & Finance / Investment Committee
Meets 2-3 times a year to formulate the annual association budget and to address financial issues. The Committee reviews FAAR investments to make recommendations to the BOD for enhancement of the portfolio. Composed of the Executive Committee or by appointment.

Chair: Clay Murray,

Staff Contact: Linda Alsop,

Nominations Committee
Interviews potential candidates for Board of Directors positions. Membership dictated by the Bylaws.

Chair: Drew Fristoe,

Vice Chair: Carrie Danko, 

Staff Contact: Page Browning,

Diversity Committee

Created in 2020 by President Drew Fristoe to examine the diversity of the association and address areas where inclusion is lacking. The work of the Committee is to foster an intentional mindset of inclusion by creating a welcoming environment through personal outreach, activities and educational opportunities. The result of this focus will enhance the process of seeking future leaders.

Chair: Sha Williams-Hinnant,

Staff Contact: Page Browning,

Fredericksburg Realtors® Foundation

Provides grants to local charitable organizations whose clients struggle with hardships that threaten their ability to secure and retain shelter. The Board of Directors appoints the nine Governors for a three-year term. Membership is encouraged to apply when positions become vacant. The Foundation’s mission is to assist local housing related area agencies and programs. Meets monthly.

President: Anne Overington,

Vice President:  Debbie Irwin,   

Staff Contact: Kim McClellan,

External Groups

Women’s Council of Realtors®

Meets monthly to network and provide educational information.

President: Sharon Shade,

Committee Meeting Times

*Meeting times are subject to change. View for upcoming meetings and events. 

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