Sentrilock Conversion

General Information

Full reciprocity
Sentrilock agents from Prince William, Greater Piedmont, Blue Ridge, Northern Virginia and Dulles Associations will have full access to the Sentrilock boxes of FAAR members.

CBS Codes
Under the Sentrilock system CBS (call before showing) codes were given out by the FAAR staff. Affiliates use that code and their pin # to access the lock box on the house. The Sentrilock system gives agents the responsibility to issue the CBS code.

Day Codes for out of the area agents
The Association consented to offering a Day Code option. FAAR agents will be able give a day code (60 minutes entry access per house) to out of the area agents. Sentrilock will provide training on the usage. The agents are responsible for giving out those codes. Day Codes are not to be given to FAAR members.

Moving lockboxes from one association to another

Members are reminded that FAAR selected a lease agreement with Sentrilock, an option not available to the surrounding associations when they contracted for their Sentrilock service a number of years ago. Those associations purchased their system and therefore their boxes are owned outright. In the case of a lease agreement, boxes are considered owned at the end of the lease agreement. What this all means is that FAAR boxes, which are in a leased system, cannot be placed into an ownership system. FAAR agents, who decide to leave FAAR and join an association with a ownership system, will not be able to place those boxes in that ownership system. They will have to sell their FAAR boxes to FAAR agents as they exit the association and then purchase boxes in the association they are joining. However, a member of another association where the boxes are owned, may bring their boxes into the FAAR system as long as they are owned by the agent. Those boxes will show as purchased as opposed to leased, in the FAAR system.

Update your firmware

Click on the image to download instructions on updating your lockbox firmware


Important Forms

Key Lease Agreements

These are the rules of the system!
Copy and keep in a file:

Sentrilock Rules and Regulations

Agent & Assistant/Affiliate

Product Pricing

Product pricing/per unit plus sales tax

Lockboxes $110.00
Key Card Replacement $10.00
Key Reader Replacement $40.00
Key Box Battery Replacement (set of 2) $8.00

(must use Sentrilock batteries or box warranty is voided)


The Board of Directors voted to provide a discount to the agents for 2017.

The annual estimated cost to the agent:

2017 Yearly Service Fee     $163.65*** (through March 20, 2018)

2018 Yearly Service Fee     $193.63 (starting March 21, 2018)

Payment is made to Sentrilock via Visa, Master Card, AMX, Discover

How to Issue Call Before Showing (CBS) Codes

Sarah Petcher at NVAR shares on how agents are to issue CBS Codes.

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