Sentrilock Lockbox Services

General Information

Full reciprocity
Sentrilock agents from Richmond, Prince William, Greater Piedmont, Blue Ridge, Northern Virginia and Dulles Associations will have full access to the Sentrilock boxes of FAAR members.

Sentriconnect for Granting Access
SentriConnect is a mobile application that provides users with a way to receive authorization to open SentriLock Bluetooth lockboxes using a “BluCode.” It is important to know that there is NO method to access non-Bluetooth lockboxes using the SentriConnect app. Firmware Version 50.44 is the minimum required version to use SentriConnect in conjunction with your lockbox. To begin using SentriConnect, users requesting access will need to register their account. The user can download SentriConnect through the App Store or Google Play. REALTOR® members granting access should be able to do so through the SentriSmart App. Read more

CBS Codes
CBS – Call Before Showing – is an extra layer of security on the lockbox requiring an additional code before the key compartment will open. Affiliate SentriCards will be required to use a CBS Code on all lockboxes. An agent can find their CBS code on the website under their Default Lockbox Settings. Affiliates use CBS code and their pin # to access the lock box on the house. The Sentrilock system gives agents the responsibility to issue the CBS code.

Day Codes for out of the area agents
The Association consented to offering a Day Code option. FAAR agents will be able give a day code (60 minutes entry access per house) to out of the area agents. Sentrilock will provide training on the usage. The agents are responsible for giving out those codes. Day Codes are not to be given to FAAR members.

How to recycle lockboxes
1. Do not throw boxes into the trash.
2. Remove batteries.
3. Open the lockbox key compartment using your SentriKey Mobile App.
4. Remove the battery cover using a Philips Head screwdriver.
5. Remove the two CR123A batteries from the lockbox.
6. Deliver lockbox and batteries to a solid waste facility in your community.

  • Rappahannock (Fredericksburg & Stafford Regional Landfill): 540-658-5279
  • Caroline Solid Waste & Recycling: 804-633-4386
  • King George Environmental Services: 540-775-3176
    • Sealston Landfill
  • Spotsylvania Solid Waste & Recycling Division: 540-507-7739
    • Livingston Landfill
  • Orange County Collection & Recycling Centers: 540-672-9315

7. Batteries can be disposed at

Batteries Plus, Home Depot, or Staples locations


Read about the SentriSmart App below! 


Download the SentriKey “Sentrismart” Real Estate app

Perform key tasks quickly from your phone

You can download it now at Google Play or the App Store, or just go to the new icon on your phone to get started if your device is set for automatic updates.

With just a few clicks in the app, you can easily:
• Open the key compartment
• Remove the shackle
• Find, sort and review access reports
• Grant secure temporary access
• And much more!

Check out our webinar video that provides a quick overview of the new app and its enhanced features. 

Worried that you won’t have app/lockbox access if you’re outside of cell-service coverage?


We can help make sure you stay connected. Here’s how:


For Bluetooth® Boxes: A good practice is to update your SentriKey Real Estate Mobile App credentials each day. Whether you’re a listing agent, showing agent, or an affiliated user, before you leave home or the office, launch the SentriKey Real Estate app on your mobile device. By authenticating, your credentials are good for 24 hours. When interacting with the SentriLock REALTOR® Bluetooth® Lockbox, it requires only a Bluetooth® connection to open the key door, even if you’re out of cell-service coverage.

For Non-Bluetooth® Boxes: If you’re going to a showing in a remote area and that listing isn’t using a Bluetooth® lockbox, we have a solution for you, too. Success is achieved by using the My Schedule function in the SentriKey Real Estate app. This is done either by the listing agent creating the appointment directly in the SentriKey Real Estate system, or through leveraging our integrations with other third-party showing services. When the showing is scheduled, and the SentriKey Real Estate app detects low or no cellular coverage, you’ll be presented with a Mobile Access Code in the SentriKey Real Estate app. No card needed, no Bluetooth® needed!

You don’t need to use a SentriCard to open your SentriLock lockbox. Instead, always stay connected with the SentriKey Real Estate mobile app!


Important Forms

Product Pricing

Product pricing/per unit plus sales tax

Lockboxes $130.00
Key Box Battery Replacement (set of 2) $8.00
Power Paddle $125.00

(must use Sentrilock batteries or box warranty is voided)

Cost: Lockbox Service

Note: Members can attribute the 2023 drop in Sentrilock fees ($84 less than 2022) due to an end in FAAR’s original lockbox lease agreement.

The annual estimated cost to the agent—

2024 Yearly Service Fee:     $147.56 (starting March 18, 2024)

(Note: The annual service fee shown does not include any late fees that may be assessed.)

Payment is made to Sentrilock directly via Visa, Master Card, AMX, Discover

Cost: Lockbox Replacement

After April 1, 2023, there will be a $49.99 charge to replace a damaged or defective lockbox for a like-model box. If you think your box is damaged or defective, call Sentrilock at 513-618-5800 to determine if the lockbox is defective. Lockboxes may be able to be repaired over the phone or may need replacement batteries. Replacement batteries can be purchased for $8.00.

Sentrilock Videos

Visit Sentrilock’s Youtube Channel or the Sentrikey App School for tips, tricks, and lockbox best practice videos!

Sentriconnect flyer app info

Update your firmware

Click on the image to download instructions on updating your lockbox firmware

How to Issue Call Before Showing (CBS) Codes

CBS – Call Before Showing – is an extra layer of security on the lockbox requiring an additional code before the key compartment will open. Affiliate SentriCards will be required to use a CBS Code on all lockboxes. An agent can find their CBS code on the website under their Default Lockbox Settings.


How to use a CBS Code

Using a SentriCard

  • Insert SentriCard®: CARD + CODE
  • Remove SentriCard® or press FUNC + 3 + ENT: Blinking CODE light.
  • Input CBS Code + ENT: Key compartment will open

Using SentriSmart™ – Bluetooth Lockboxes

  • Select Mobile Access in SentriSmart™.
  • Press the ENT button on the lockbox keypad to ‘wake’ it up.
  • Choose the lockbox serial number in the list.
  • Input your PIN into SentriSmart™ and press OK.
  • Input CBS code into SentriSmart™ and press Submit.
  • The key compartment will open.
  • Tap OK on the pop up screen to complete.

Using SentriSmart™ – Non-Bluetooth Lockboxes

  • Select Mobile Access in SentriSmart™.
  • Input the lockbox serial number in SentriSmart™ and press Open Key Compartment
  • Input your PIN into SentriSmart™ and press Open.
  • Input CBS code into SentriSmart™ and press Submit.
  • You will be given a Mobile Access Code
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to access key compartment

Sarah Petcher at NVAR shares on how agents are to issue CBS Codes.

Sentrilock FAQs and Tips and Tricks for Bluetooth Users

I get out to the property where there is no cellular or Wi-Fi and then I get a message when trying to open the lockbox that says that I must renew my credentials and it won’t allow me to open the lockbox.
Renewing your credentials –each day the SentriSmart needs to be connected to either Wi-Fi or cellular data at least once to renew your credentials in the system. It is recommended that in the morning when you are checking your emails, just click on SentriSmart Icon and open up the app this will ensure that your credentials are updated before you get out of Cellular/Wifi service and you will not encounter issues.
What tab on SentriSmart should I be in to open another person’s lockbox?
When accessing a lockbox, you should be on Mobile Access. Next press the “ENT” key on the lockbox keypad, this will wake up the box and you will see the blue light flashing. On your SentriSmart app you will see the lockbox appear with a Bluetooth symbol next to it. Click on that lockbox and enter your pin, the lockbox will open.
My motor jammed when putting the lockbox shackle back on
When you release the shackle the motor rotates and unlocks the pins, you can then pull up and release the shackle. The shackle should NOT be reinserted until the red DND light and motor stops then you can put the shackle back on the lockbox.

Same goes for the key compartment when you open the key compartment the motor will turn and then the compartment opens. You will hear the motor turn again and when it stop, you can close the door. Trying to close it before the motor stops can jam the motor and potentially harm the lockbox

I am in lockbox tools and am having issues with not being able to open my shackle or lockbox with my phone when I go to lockbox tools these items are greyed out.
Are you using a supported phone? Phones that are supported are:
i. Apple iPhone IOS 7 or higher
ii. Android version 6 or higher

Do you have location services turned on for your phone?

Do you have Bluetooth Turned on for your phone?

Make sure that the blue light is flashing on the lockbox and wait for the Bluetooth to connect to your phone (some phones take longer than others to connect via Bluetooth because they share an antenna for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth)

I left the key compartment open and now it won’t stay closed
It is best to close the key compartment after every use

If you do leave the key compartment open and it won’t close, go through the steps to open the door again and let the motor cycle again. You will be able to close the door again.

I am removing a lockbox from one property and putting it on a new property, what should I do?
When moving a lockbox to a new property, you should always un-assign and then assign it to the new listing. When you release the shackle you are prompted to assign if it is not assigned and to remove from property if it is assigned. This will help with inventory and lockbox tracking.
I heard there is an upgrade to the lockboxes, how do I update the firmware on my lockbox?
The following video and steps will show you how to update the firmware on your

Here are the steps shown in the video:
– Open the SentriSmart App and navigate to the Lockbox tools
– Press ENT on your lockbox to connect via the Bluetooth connection
– Select the property/lockbox with the Bluetooth Connection
– Scroll down to Select Update Firmware, it will display the current version and available version.
– Select download, it will download the files directly to the lockbox using the Bluetooth connection.
– After it is finished your lockbox will display a series of colorful lights
– On your phone it will say your lockbox has the latest firmware click ok

I am still having issues what should I do?
SentriLock’s support center is available to answer your question they can be reached at 513-618-5800.

Submit an Issue - Lockbox

Describe your lockbox related issue here. If you are having an issue that needs immediate help, call Sentrilock at 1-513-618-5800.

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