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Discrimination and bias have absolutely no place in housing

FAAR applauds the strong stance the National Association of Realtors® is taking on fighting discrimination and bias in the housing industry and echoes NAR President Vince Malta’s recent comments on HUD’s proposed changes that weaken the disparate impact rule.

“NAR is disappointed that HUD is retreating on its decades-long policy requiring that communities receiving taxpayer money address discrimination and segregation.  We previously communicated that disapproval to the industry and to the public , and our stance remains unchanged. Our commitment to fair housing and the property rights of all is unwavering. Discrimination and bias have absolutely no place in housing.  We will continue to push all policymakers in Washington to ensure that the federal government promotes equality and eliminates discrimination in the housing market, for the benefit of all.”

2021 REALTOR Dues Announcement – Dues available for payment August 1st

Dues Announcement: 


2021 Dues for REALTORS® will be open for payment August 1st.

Pay by September 30th to avoid the $25 late fee.


What if I miss the September 30th dues deadline?

Submit your dues payment and late fee by December 31st to keep your membership active and avoid the $275 reapplication fee.

Your dues bill notice will come via email—you will not receive a paper bill.

Login at to pay your dues for FAAR, VR, and NAR.

REALTOR® Dues for 2021 ($705)

NAR dues ($185)
Virginia Realtors dues ($175)
FAAR dues ($315)
RPAC Fair Share ($30)
Total = $675 + $30 (optional RPAC)
total realtor dues are split out into NAR, VR, FAAR, and RPAC sums

 Take advantage of your member benefits

 See what member benefits are offered at all 3 levels of the REALTOR® Organization

Drop Box

For your convenience, there is a drop box located across from the main entrance in the parking lot labeled FAAR Drop Box. Dues payments may be dropped in the this box. It is checked first thing in the morning during regular business hours.


After payment, you can find your receipt under the “My Order History” page of your account.

AFFILIATES: Dues for Affiliates will open for payment September 1st.

Do not pay this invoice if you plan to be an AMP in 2020. Ready to boost your marketing in our AMP program? Please let Lori in Membership know at
Affiliates can disregard the tax information displayed during the dues payment process as that only applies to REALTOR® members.

Big story from Q2 real estate statistics? There are no homes! Check out the full report…

It’s clear that real estate has weathered the COVID-19 pandemic storm very well up to this point.  Some Realtors® are having the best year of their career, but how long can the hot market last?    Mortgage rates are expected to stay low and there is a glimmer of hope on the medical horizon with active vaccine trials underway.  But virus hot spots continue to rage in parts of the country and fears about a resurgence are always at the back of people’s minds.  Despite the significant increase in prices and plummeting days on market, would-be sellers continue to hold back.  The area is seeing barely a month supply of homes meaning many, many frustrated buyers.  The second quarter of 2020 ended strong for real estate but the perpetual question of what does the future hold remains a focus of all associated with the industry.

Access the full report below and share with your clients and customers.  Questions or feedback about the report?  Send Kim McClellan an email.

#Member Monday | Meet Broker Lauren Tate

The Fredericksburg Area Association of REALTORS® Member Spotlight feature allows members of the community to get to know each other before working with each other in a transaction. Each member answers a series of questions to reveal more about themselves as people.  It is FAAR’s hope that learning about an individual may spark connections that blossom via email, phone conversations or in-person meetings at events and classes.

Lauren Tate

Ridgefield, CT

Current Location
Spotsylvania, VA

Executive Vice President, Broker, Real Estate Coach at Century 21 Redwood Realty

Number of Years in the Industry

Why do you love working in real estate?
My passion is helping Realtors achieve the success they desire in their real estate career. It goes way beyond just telling an agent how to succeed rather getting in the trenches with the agent, working side by side and showing them how, with action steps, hands on one on one training and learning at their pace. Watching an agent’s confidence grow within themselves is one of the most rewarding experiences and is why I choose to be in my role.

Favorite Work Story 
Turning the “I can’t into I can and succeeded”

What are you most proud of in your career?
Making a significant impact with those who desire to have a sustainable career in real estate

Do you have a special cause or volunteer your time?
My biggest investment of time is dedicated mostly to developing agents before, during and after work hours. I look for opportunities where I can give back to my community through my church, Salem Baptist Church, Back To School drives, Cereal Drive for the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank, FXBG Love Scrub, Christmas for the Adults and Children with the Thurman Brisben Center, Feed The Gap – Spotsylvania County, VA.

Fun Fact
Love spending time with my family and best friend. I do treasure alone time either walking the battlefield or organizing my home. My favorite place is the beach!

Sample Ballot for the 2021 Leadership Slate of Candidates

Sample Ballot for the 2021 Leadership Slate of Candidates

Review the Sample Ballot-

2020 Election Slate for the 2021 FAAR Board of Director announced

At its July 21 meeting, the Board of Directors blessed the 2020 slate of candidates as recommended by the Nominating Committee chaired by Linda Fosdick, Dockside Realty. The official ballot will be sent electronically to members on August 14. The final day to vote is September 16. Balloting closes at noon. The results of the election will be announced at a zoom meeting at 2 pm on September 16.

Become acquainted with the candidates. The Sample Ballot is linked. New for this year, a Meet the Candidate zoom event scheduled for mid- August. Candidates have the opportunity to film a campaign video and create their own marketing flyer assisted by the FAAR staff. Their biographical information will appear in the August issue of FAARSide.

Be a responsible member, learn what each candidate has to offer and then VOTE August 14- September 16 at noon.


New this year—

  • Meet the Candidates event mid- August. Watch for details!
  • Individual video produced at FAAR for each candidate for viewing by the entire membership
  • Annual review- Read the candidates bios in the August edition of the FAARSide


Sample Ballot

Slate of Candidates- 2021 Leadership

Electronic Balloting begins August 14, ends September 16 at noon

FAAR offers electronic voting. The ballot will be sent in an email to each REALTOR® member on August 14. Members will have a little over 4 weeks to vote. The balloting closes September 16 at noon. Since there is no Expo this year, the results of the balloting will be announced during a zoom general membership meeting on September 16 at 2 pm.  The results will be communicated to the entire membership soon after this announcement.


President                  Carrie Danko, 1st Choice Better Homes & Land

President-Elect        Deb Ellis, Coldwell Banker Elite                      

Vice President          Carol Sondrini, Coldwell Banker Elite

Secretary                  Randy Walther, Nest Realty                       

Treasurer                  Kelly Walker, Coldwell Banker Elite  (Two-year term)                     

 Immediate Past President  Drew Fristoe, Coldwell Banker Elite


Directors- Four candidates for three positions. Select up to three..


__ Pia Contreras- Sanchez, Prime Realty

__ Dawn Josemans, Coldwell Banker Elite

__ Kardin Lillis, Weichert Realty

__ Lauren Tate, Century 21 Redwood


Two candidates for 1 affiliate position. Select one.


__ Scott Hine, Assurance Financial Group

__ Donna Schmidt, 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty


Returning Directors-

                Clay Murray, Pathway Realty

                Sandy Pearce, Pathway Realty

                Lynn Lenahan, 1st Choice Better Homes & Land




Work with Dotloop? Privacy policy changes tonight

Work with Dotloop? Privacy policy changes tonight

Dotloop’s Privacy Policy Change Regarding Usage of Account Owner and Client Information

REALTOR® members should be aware that Dotloop is updating their Privacy Policy and you may wish to take action. Dotloop recently announced changes to their Privacy Policy which becomes effective on July 17, 2020. The changes created “Affiliate Sharing” allowing Dotloop to share information provided to them on or after January 1, 2016, with Zillow Group and its subsidiaries.
If you have registered for a user account, you can opt out of Affiliate Sharing by emailing Dotloop at If you wish to opt out, you should do so by midnight tonight. Otherwise, if you opt out after July 17, 2020, then Dotloop will have the right to share the information starting January 1, 2016, until the date you opted out.
You can read Dotloop’s Privacy Policy here: If you have other questions or concerns about this Policy, please email Dotloop at
How Community Service Can Help Grow Your Business

How Community Service Can Help Grow Your Business

Last Sunday July 12, a group of REALTORS® and other community members gathered at Hurkamp park for a community beautification project. We sat down with the organizer of the event Chip Taylor of Long and Foster to talk about why community service is so important and how it contributes to your business. 

Listen to the full podcast here

Why Community Service Is Important


When asked why he felt community service was so vital Chip replied, “I think in any

community you’ve got those amazing rock stars that are helping homeless, helping school children, or whatever the charity is, but they can only do so much. There is a real need everywhere and they need volunteers. Some people get burnt out after a while some people have to do different things so there’s just a constant need for people to help out and do their part as much as they possibly can.”


Throughout Fredericksburg and the surrounding areas there are countless charities and organizations constantly searching for volunteers. Our community really wouldn’t be the same without some of these groups. The sad truth is that a very small amount of our population is doing the majority of the work. Every day our community is being transformed for the better based on the work of the few.


Why REALTORS® Should Be Active In Community Service


Often times REALTORS® are told they should be involved but it is not always clear why. When we posed this question to Mr. Taylor, he had this to say, “ It is important for realtors to be involved. I think that realtors are uniquely positioned as professionals to be involved in their community in many ways. We are the first people that are meeting people who are moving into this area. We are introducing them to our home, to our downtown, to everything around here and I do think that we need to be good stewards of the community so that when we are telling people why they should live here, we should be an active part of why they should live here.”


He continued ot share how he was able to cultivate continual relationships with his clients based off of his community involvement. “It’s just become a big thing for me. I’ve incorporated it into my business so my clients all know that when September/October arrives when I’m calling them or if I’m emailing them, they are already buying cereal to get ready for it. I’ve got some clients that have kids that are saving their allowances and going shopping for cereals so it’s really become a big thing. Last year we collected 3,375 boxes of cereal just for King George and we were able to fill every single pantry in King George and even some in Colonial Beach.”

How To Get Started Today

  • Community Service Committee
  • FAAR’s Cereal Drive
  • Join a Love Scrub
  • Pick up trash in your community
  • Volunteer at a local organization 
  • Starting a digital food drive

Summer Selling Season is in Full Swing

Real estate market continues to power on despite ongoing pandemic

The summer selling season is in full swing in the Fredericksburg area with June real estate statistics blowing 2019 out of the water.  Total sold dollar volume increased by 42% fueled by a nearly 8% rise in median sold price and a nearly 31% increase in units sold.  Total sold dollar volume settled at approximately $336.6 million compared to $236.8 in June of 2019.  Median sold price held steady from May coming in at $339,000, posting a nearly 8% gain.  Units sold far outstripped last year with a whopping 934 properties changing hands, compared to 714 in June of 2019, representing a nearly 31% year-over-year increase.

“Many Realtors® were initially expecting the Real Estate market to come to a screeching halt back in March or at least slow down considerably as the pandemic progressed.  But with historically low interest rates and a large part of our population in tech-friendly positions, people’s personal lives have changed socially but many are unchanged financially with regards to their ability to meet pre-approval qualifications with lending institutions,” comments FAAR Board Member Lynn Lenahan.  “Now that we are into summer, it seems summer is our spring and it’s very busy.  We are hurting for inventory more so this year than even last.  People want to, and in many cases, need to move but have little to choose from.  This has created bidding wars, multiple offers, escalating prices, lots of activity, one happy purchaser, tons of disappointed potential buyers, frustrated agents and a tough time for appraisers in finding comps to support the upward trend.”

Days on market, the time it takes from when a listing enters the market until it receives a ratified contract and is removed from active status on the multiple listing service, fell almost 14% with houses averaging just 31 days on the market in June 2020 compared to 36 days in June 2019.

Overall active listings were down over 54% this June compared to last year and new listings coming on to the market were down nearly 17%.  In June of 2019, many agents identified a lack of inventory as the biggest challenge in the market.  At that time, the local market had about a 3.6-month supply, a healthy and balanced market is generally considered to be 6 months of supply.  The market is seeing a measly 1.3-month supply of homes, with just 811 on the market at the end of June compared to 1,775 at the end of June 2019. New pendings were up over 20% indicating that this trend of a very active market is set to continue throughout the summer.

FAAR Recognizes 2019 Award Winners

FAAR Recognizes 2019 Award Winners

The Fredericksburg Area Association of REALTORS® (FAAR) recognized 2019 Award Winners who have set themselves apart in the industry through their commitment to professionalism, education, and customer service.


Awards were handed out for Rookie Salesperson of the Year, Manager of the Year, REALTORS® Choice, REALTOR® of the Year, and Educator of the Year. In addition, 26 members were recognized for achieving the Professional Honor Role for 2019.  The Professional Honor Role spotlights members who have made contributions to the real estate industry, the Association, and the community.


New this year—Watch the Virtual awards ceremony here


The following individuals received awards for 2019:


REALTOR® of the Year
Matthew Rathbun, Coldwell Banker Elite


Manager of the Year
Jeff Edmisten, Coldwell Banker Elite


Educator of the Year
Deb Ellis, Coldwell Banker Elite


Rookie Salesperson of the Year
Corrine Macon, 1st Choice Better Homes and Land, LC


Heather O’Neill, Coldwell Banker Elite


Professional Honor Role

Sabrina Anderson
Exit Realty Group

Marla Aste
1st Choice Better Homes & Land

Tricia Barnes
1st Choice Better Homes & Land

LeAnna Black
1st Choice Better Homes & Land

Suzanne Brady
United Real Estate Premier

Jennifer Caison
Coldwell Banker Elite- Massaponax

Jennifer Church
Holt for Homes

Valerie Dellandre
Century 21 New Millennium

Linda Dort
Century 21 New Millennium

Drew Fristoe
Coldwell Banker Elite- Massaponax

Janet Holt
Holt for Homes

Linda Laub-Canty
1st Choice Better Homes & Land

Cindy LeBrun
Exit Realty Group

Lynn Lenahan
1st Choice Better Homes & Land

Brooke Miller
Long & Foster- Fredericksburg

Laura Monaghan
eXp Realty

Bonnie Ramey
Nest Realty Group

Mary Beth Rich,
Century 21 New Millennium- Fredericksburg

Anthony “Tony” Shade
RE/MAX Allegiance

Sharon Shade
RE/MAX Allegiance

Carol Sondrini
Coldwell Banker Elite-King George

Chip Taylor
Long & Foster- Fredericksburg

Penny Traber
1st Choice Better Homes & Land

Ginny Vickers
1st Choice Better Homes & Land

Randy Walther
Nest Realty Group

Sha Williams- Hinnant
1st Choice Better Homes & Land


Stats, Signs, Stafford…oh, my!

*No kid Zoom-bombs on any of these videos, but it always feels like a distinct possibility, right!?

FAAR hosted a series of recent virtual meetings, get caught up on all that you missed right here!

Real Estate Roundtable:  Spotlight on Stafford County
In this recording, you will get a great update on what’s happening in Stafford County, including the vision for “Downtown Stafford”.   This event featured Stafford County Economic Development John Holden.  His presentation included this slide deck and this promotional video for the County.

FAAR Sign Summit
Have you ever wondered what happened to that directional you put out before an open house?  Well, it might have been placed illegally in the right-of-way and removed by the local jurisdiction.  Check out this recording of the FAAR Sign Summit to learn the rules in each jurisdiction so you can keep your signs and stay compliant.

What happens next?  Real estate in the wake of a pandemic featuring Dr. List Sturtevant, Chief Economist for the Virginia Realtors®
It’s been a wild ride in the local real estate market!  Check out where we’ve been and why Dr. Sturtevant thinks we’re poised for a busy and possibly bumpy fall market.

Press Releases

Summer Selling Season is in Full Swing

Real estate market continues to power on despite ongoing pandemic The summer selling season is in full swing in the Fredericksburg area with June real estate statistics blowing 2019 out of the water.  Total sold dollar volume increased by 42% fueled by a nearly 8%...

Fredericksburg REALTORS Foundation donates $2,500 to Mary’s Shelter

COVID is keeping us from doing in-person check presentations, but this blast from the past shows that we have a long history of support!The Foundation approved a $2,500 grant for an emergency bathroom renovation at Mary's Shelter.  At any given time, Mary's Shelter...

Real Estate Market Holds Steady in Wake of Continued Pandemic Impact

Numbers hold steady, but inventory challenges hamper sales The big story coming out of May real estate numbers is the dire situation the market is facing in terms of seriously constricted supply.  At the end of May, there were just 964 homes on the market for buyers...

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