The first tech time technology workshop was held at FAAR on Tuesday, October 10th, 2017. One member, Kat Kersey Horn of Tricorner Properties took advantage of the time with a compelling 2-part technology scenario. Technology Committee Member and REALTOR® Anthony Davis of Coldwell Banker Elite solved many of the steps to this tech puzzle!

The Situation 

The member has created a wordpress site from which she would like to collect email subscriptions targeting consumers interested in a certain topic and a certain type of properties. She is interested in emailing her subscribers a somewhat-automated list of properties they might be interested in.

How we did it

MRIS has the ability to save specific search requirements and can generate a email to a user based on a specified interval. You would not want to send this automatically to your collected email list because if properties have not changed in a while, you are looking at the possibility of sending the exact same content multiple times.  After setting up this search, the member now receives these emails from which she can copy and paste the relevant information.

For the actual collection of email addresses, we recommended utilizing a mass emailer system like Mailchimp or Constant Contact which generates the code for a subscription form that can then be embedded in the webpage. In addition, an email service like this makes it easier to bulk manage subscription lists.

Does this sound Greek to you? Never fear! We’re all at different levels on the technology map! FAAR is here to help. Bring your issues to the next tech time and the technology committee will work with you to solve them!

Do these types of scenarios interest you? Join the Technology Committee for exciting new ways to stretch your brain while helping your peers! Contact for more information.

Member Feedback

“The timing could not have been more perfect for my business to have access to FAAR’s Tech Time program. I was languishing at a technology cross-roads, with a good idea, but unclear on the most efficient implementation. FAAR’s technology staff gave me the exact recommendations I needed to implement my marketing plan as envisioned. Personal attention and great advice, thank you FAAR!” – Kat Horn

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