This was sent to each shareholder association CEO regarding the current lack of performance of brightMLS


Good afternoon all –

I wanted to provide you with a brief update on ongoing system performance issues with the replication of data between our two primary data centers which variably affected all three systems.

Problems initially began on Thursday, February 1. These performance issues impacted the availability of listings to search on,, and third party sites. We believed that we had a work around for the problem until we identified a permanent resolution with Oracle. However, these issues surfaced again on Friday and spiked late Friday afternoon to an unacceptable level. To resolve these issues, we pointed all systems to one data center to allow the replication to catch up.

Saturday, a similar issue surfaced affecting the availability of showing links on and, and the flow of those listings to That issue was resolved Saturday afternoon.

We are still operating most applications from one data center which is creating periodic slowness when searching

We posted messages through the weekend and today on the applicable systems and social media sites.

I am sure you know that these issues are frustrating for our subscribers and that we are doing everything we can to resolve them quickly. In particular, these issues have added additional frustration to subscribers in Central PA where there was already a growing sentiment that system changes and updates are happening too slowly.

We are closely monitoring the situation and taking proactive action every hour to avoid any further service degradation.

Please let me know if you have questions.

Thank you,


Tom Phillips

President and CEO
610-783-4650 x3334
660 American Avenue, Suite 203
King of Prussia, PA 19406



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