by Pat Breme, RCE, CIPS, FAAR CEO


A group of leadership met in October to brainstorm with a facilitator to determine what the direction of the Association should be over the next 3 years. The results of a survey and focus group was the background for the discussion as well as what in the current plan was still viable.

Resoundingly, members highly value the educational opportunities FAAR provides as well as the advocacy efforts done on behalf of the real estate but also for the public regarding private property rights. Education and Advocacy are once again the pillars of the plan. The third emphasis is Membership. FAAR will continue to work hard to Be the business and professional resource for members.

Goal 1- Membership- to provide the best FAAR experience to the membership

Goal 2- Education- to develop highly educated professional

Goal 3- Advocacy- to encourage members to be proactive citizens and stewards of their communities

The enablers or tools of the goals are technology, professionalism and communication. In order to attain the goals, we must make sure that the Association is using the best technology and providing opportunities for professionalism to thrive and be the norm. Lastly, the key to informing and motivating is broad and effective communication.

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