On Tuesday, April 3, 2018, the FAAR Public Policy Committee will interview candidates running for local office in the City of Fredericksburg.  While the Committee members’ main goal is to get to know the candidate and whether they will be supportive of the real estate industry, the interview also serves as a great opportunity for the candidates to learn more about FAAR and the concerns of our members.

The interviews are open to the entire FAAR membership, but only those members who serve on the Public Policy Committee are permitted to ask questions of the candidates.  The Committee will go into executive session after the interviews have concluded and decide who, if anyone, to endorse in each seat that had a candidate the group interviewed.  This process is a great way to establish a relationship with new elected officials from the beginning and renew relationships with incumbents.  The candidate interview schedule is published below, please RSVP to Kim McClellan if you would like to attend the interviews.  Additional interviews may be added leading up to April 3.

10:30am:  Tim Duffy (Ward 3, Incumbent)
11:00am:  Dave McLaughlin (Ward 2)
11:15am:  Billy Withers (Ward 2, Incumbent)
11:45am:  Jason Graham (Ward 1)


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