On July 1, 2018, Virginia REALTORS® released five new standard forms and eleven revised standard forms. General changes to all forms include updating references to VAR and Virginia Association of REALTORS® to Virginia REALTORS® and language was added to the electronic signatures paragraph, where present, to include use of electronic signatures of any addenda or amendments for the agreement. Questions about the forms should be directed to the Virginia REALTORS® Legal Hotline.

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Virginia REALTORS® provides a full library of free forms, which are reviewed and updated regularly, for all members. The standard forms library is organized alphabetically by form name, with the form numbers following the title. Forms may also be filtered by the type of form using the “Filter by Category” drop down menu, or a search by key words.

A Standard Clause Booklet is provided to aid members with crafting lesser-used contract clauses in areas including disclosure, contingencies, escalation, inspections, and more. 

Direct any questions regarding forms, or suggestions for new or revised forms, to forms@virginiarealtors.org.

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