That was one of the main messages from Spotsylvania Deputy County Administrator Mark Cole during a recent event with FAAR members at Strangeways Brewing.  Mr. Cole stressed that economic development, especially business development, is a prime focus of the County.  The GM plant being occupied by iDX was a huge victory for the County and now the County owns the 40 back acres of the property that they are working on leasing.

The strong market demand for business in the County comes from residential real estate.  The County enabled a mixed use zoning category and that has proven very attractive to developers.  The residential piece of many projects has come first since that is where the demand is and the commercial and industrial space has been slow to follow.

I-95 is also a priority for Mr. Cole, especially in his role as a delegate to the Virginia General Assembly.  He is looking to put a bill into the 2019 legislative session that would require the state to develop a long-term strategic investment plan for I-95.  If there was ever money from the state or federal level again to execute “shovel-ready” projects, I-95 would be poised to receive a lot of that funding.

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