Introducing the Newest Award

The Awards Committee announces the newest award to the FAAR roster of member recognitions, the Icon Award. Do you know a Realtor® who can be described as an icon who currently is or was a member of FAAR? The award will be given at the December installation of the 2019 Leadership Team and since we are looking back into the history of FAAR, there may be several recipients who will be recognized for making a significant contribution to real estate in Fredericksburg.

The criteria states, this honor is awarded to a REALTOR® who has made a significant mark on the profession of real estate in the locality where he or she works. The Nominee’s name is recognizable to the community at large and is synonymous with exemplary ethical behavior and knowledgeable and compassionate service to clients and customers. The individual is highly respected by the REALTOR® community. The Nominee is generous with his or her time supporting community organizations/project/programs. The application requests the following information:

List examples exemplary ethical behavior:

List examples of knowledgeable and compassionate service to clients and customers:

List examples of the respect that agents in the REALTOR® community have for this individual:

List examples of the respect that community leaders have for the Nominee:

List examples of how the Nominee is generous with his/her time supporting community organizations/project/programs: 

List notable activities/accomplishments/recognitions from REALTOR® organizations or civic organizations:

Additional comments/testimonials


Deadline for application submission- October 31, 2018

But wait there’s more!

Consider nominating for one of these Fall Awards

Spirit Award
The recipient motivates others, through enthusiasm and participation, to attend events. The recipient may serve on a committee or just answers the call for help. The recipient is reliable and shows up! An eligible recipient can also be a more reserved person who quietly takes on tasks, e.g. transporting props to events, participating in the set-up, tear down and clean up without fanfare.

Raising the Bar
Criteria for this award include: General interest in subject of REALTOR® professional standards; availability and willingness to counsel and advise individual REALTORS®, brokers, and sales associates on real estate problems; presentations on ethics before FAAR and other Associations; service on Grievance and/or Professional Standards Committee.

Affiliate of the Year
Criteria for this award include: Must be an Affiliate member of FAAR, provided exceptional service to FAAR, its members and the general public, exhibited unusual dedication to the real estate profession, shown a high degree of Association participation, as well as activity in civic affairs.

Good Neighbor Award
This award is intended to recognize individual who has given significant contribution of time or other resources contributions to the local community. The efforts do not have to be real estate related. Will be awarded based on a level of personal contributions, broadness of impact, and the project’s suitability as a role model for other association members.

Hall of Fame
Criteria for this award include: length of membership in FAAR; elective offices held and committees on which served; areas in which nominee served the real estate industry through involvement with NAR and VAR committees. Nominations may come from Board of Directors or Awards Committee.

Silver Circle
Automatically awarded to those REALTOR® members after 25 years of continuous membership in FAAR

REALTOR® Emeritus Award
Awarded by NAR to those REALTOR® members after 40 years of continuous membership in FAAR


Deadline for application submission- October 31, 2018. Print and electronic applications are available online at

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