Print or Email Renewal Notices for Agents

On the portal, a broker or office designated person can pay agent dues and as part of this process they can also send a message to selected agents and print renewal notices. Start by logging in at  If you have not updated your information or logged in recently, you might be prompted to review your information before proceeding to the “My Account” page.

In the office panel click Pay Agent Orders

Select Agents and Click Email Selected Agents

This allows the broker or office designee to send a plain text email to the selected agents. No report or receipt is generated and the orders are not paid. The email will come from the logged in person and will contain the text entered into the subject and the message body.

Select Agents and Click Print Renewal Notices

The PDF of the member dues order report will be generated for each selected agent. You can review and print the document as desired.

Select Agents and Click Pay Selected Orders

This will take the customer to the credit card information page to enter payment information. The payment will be processed and collected under the signed in contact’s record. The invoice payments will be linked to each member invoice/order.

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