Realtors® know that finding a property to call home is one of the most important decisions in someone’s life.  Whether it’s renting an apartment close to mass transit or buying a single family home with space in the country, finding the right place makes all the difference.  But local Realtors® also understand that getting back and forth to that home once you’re in it is critical for quality of life.

That’s why we’ve been advocating for years for increased funding for transportation infrastructure because sitting on I-95 for three hours before getting back to that perfect place makes it lose a little bit of it’s luster!

So what are we doing to keep you moving?

FAAR has engaged on many levels to move the needle on transportation.


1. Legislative Advocacy: 

Each year, FAAR issues policy statements that highlight our agents’ most important issues.  For the 2019 General Assembly session, FAAR has a robust transportation platform that advocates for reforms to the SmartScale process so that this region continues to receive funding on par with Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads to deal with our severely congested highway and secondary roads.  In addition, FAAR advocates for legislation that would allow this region to explore the option of creating a regional transportation authority to raise local dollars to leverage infrastructure projects. Click the document below to read the full policy statements.

2. Public Outreach

FAAR members have penned Letters to the Editor and will continue to do so each quarter to bring a greater focus to how our transportation crisis impacts our local real estate economy, our citizens, and our area’s quality of life.  In addition, local Realtors® and the public need to continuously communicate with our local elected officials about the cost that the transportation crisis is inflicting on our businesses and personal lives.  FAAR has launched “Gridlock Grumbles” as an outlet for personal stories that will be communicated to our elected officials.

3. Education

FAAR partnered with VDOT to produce a video that details many of our local transportation projects.  Watch the video to learn what these projects will accomplish, when they will be done, and how it will impact your drive.

Check out some testimonials….

Read some thoughts about transportation from our local Realtors® and citizens. Then pen your own in the submission box at the bottom of the page.

“Time stuck in traffic affects (1) Gasoline consumption, gas per mileage and pollution  (2)  Personal Productivity  (2)  Quality of life  (3)  Wear and tear on the car engine as it operates at a higher temperature.”

“Efforts should be made in VA (irrespective of MD efforts or objections) to construct the lower half of a second Beltway around Washington, DC and feeders into MD from Richmond along state road 301 which runs through Dahlgren and Bowling Green.”

“How is it possible that traffic on the weekends is actually the MOST congested from Thornburg to Stafford County and actually improves the closer you get to Washington, DC?  After a fabulous trip to the Outer Banks, our fun was virtually erased by the 8-hour trip home with a good chunk of it spent on I-95 in bumper-to-bumper traffic from Richmond to Fredericksburg.  This kind of congestion is soul-sucking for people, disruptive for business, and dangerous for emergency responders.  Please help fix this!”

“The traffic has become an increasing problem for the daily commuters. What should be a 20 minute drive is taking upwards of an hour. Getting down Route 3 is never easy, even on light traffic days. The amount of accidents on Rt. 3 seems to keep growing daily. Friday’s have turned into even more hassle than it already is on I-95 and major exits Rt.3 & Rt. 17.”

“I-95 is horrible during the afternoon. No doubt about it. Rt. 3 from Stafford into Fxbg into Spotsy is a nightmare on most evenings around 4PM to 6PM, same with Rt. 17 coming from Geico. I try to schedule showings around it or allow for tons of extra driving time — but even then, we can be late to showings due to traffic — which negatively effects buyers, sellers, and both agents and can start a home purchase out on the wrong foot. The CD lanes on 95 (from 134 to 130) can’t come soon enough and the construction should be taking place 24 hours a day until completed. Seems to take way too long to really feel like there’s been any noticeable improvements.  Sure hope we don’t get the title of “Worst Traffic in America” two years in a row! I’m sure folks will want to move elsewhere if we can’t get our traffic under control.”

Gridlock Grumbles

Sick and tired of traffic throughout the Fredericksburg region? Tell us how being stuck in congestion impacts you and your business. FAAR will share these stories with the public and with our elected officials.

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