When entering a listing do the following: Under Documents — “Section 8 Approved” is a dropdown that the listing agent can select for rentals that have already been approved as Section 8 rentals.

1. ALL agents who have listings that will accept housing vouchers MUST put that information in the remarks section of their listing. (there is no other way at this time to search for them otherwise). IF THE AGENTS DO NOT PUT THAT INFORMATION UNDER REMARKS, YOU CANNOT DO A SEARCH)

2. If agents are looking for rentals that will accept housing vouchers, you must first go into your SEARCH dropdown and choose RESIDENTIAL LEASE

3. Scroll down below the ORANGE “Clear/Matches/Map/Results” bar to “Additional Fields Add/Remove and click on Add/Remove

4. Under Available Fields, highlight “Remarks (Public and Private)“, choose ADD so it can move to the Selected Fields and then click on the RED “Back” button.

5. Now you are ready to search for your voucher rentals. Put in your desired criteria and scroll all the way to the bottom to Remarks (Public and Private).

6. In that box is where you need to type in ANY OF THE FOLLOWING: “Sec 8“, “Section 8“, “Subsidized Housing” or “Vouchers

7. Then listings should appear. (IF agent searches NOW, nothing is showing up because there are no ways to list them the way they were listed in MRIS)

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