On 2-12-2019, the FAAR Technology Committee sat down with Vernon Jones, Regional Vice President, Bright MLS.
Here’s what we learned. 


Bright MLS does have the capability to make localized customizations for an entire association or certain geographic areas. Many agents’ issues stem from the number of customizations available. Vernon recommends agents really get familiar with the new listing statuses (a primary cause of confusion) and also hovering over unfamiliar buttons to read the help text that appears. 

Known issues list

Bright is currently working on a known issues list showing the prioritization of high-level concerns. Prioritization of issues is assessed based on the frequency reported and overall impact of the issue.


There is no cause for concern over Tom Phillips departure as CEO. Interim leader Brian Donellan is a great leader and has been with Bright since launch. Thanks to this, there is no learning curve for Brian and his leadership will get us through the transition. The search for a new CEO will begin next month.


Bright’s training platform has changed over the past couple weeks. Log in to brightmls.com to find the new training link where you can register for upcoming training. Bright’s Youtube clinics will continue throughout February

Reporting inaccuracies fast and anonymously

Use the accuracy bullseye to report information inaccuracies on a listing— if you click on the bullseye icon on the listing, that will open an email screen which will forward an email with the specific issue that you enter over to our Accuracy and Policy Department so they can investigate it anonymously on your behalf and get the issue resolved as quickly as possible.

Join the new Power of One Bright Facebook group

(https://www.facebook.com/groups/BrightMLSCommunity/)  to engage in productive discussions —Think of this group as a two-way platform where Bright can share with you, and you with them. A central place for Bright subscribers to exchange tips and tricks, provide and receive help, and give constructive feedback to Bright. Bright has reached out to the other agent-led facebook groups to get their feedback, but this group is the best option for getting your issues resolved.

Customer Support

Calling is the best way to get in touch with support. Call wait times on the Bright customer support line have dropped drastically and is approaching the level of calls received prior to conversion. Bright hired 20 new support staff last month and is in process of beefing up customer support for the spring market. The chat support option at brightmls.com is sometimes unavailable (think of it like a bucket that closes when full), but reopens when available.  Bright is currently working through a large volume of email cases at the moment at support@brightmls.com so email submissions might take a little bit longer to resolve.

Agent submitted concerns

Bright MLS has utilized legal counsel to investigate the rental vouchers/subsidized housing reporting and whether it is possible to make that field mandatory as a local customization. In the meantime, agents must follow the instructions in the article at http://bit.ly/searchvouchers to make the listing appear in subsidized housing searches. 

Automatic scrubbing

Bright MLS recently turned on the automated feature that flags possible fair housing violations and has noticed some phrases/words getting flagged that shouldn’t be. They are working on fine tuning the feature to recognize the context and only flag inappropriate wording.


The Gallery Report has been added into Bright MLS.

Look forward to the return of agent prompts via email (e.g. your listing is expiring)

Technology Committee requested the addition of either an early AM email time or allowing agents to set their own— Bright is currently investigating.







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