FAAR hosted a meeting at Lake Anna with the Economic Development Directors from the counties of Louisa, Orange, and Spotsylvania.  Discussion focused transportation, infrastructure development, healthcare services and broadband.  All three government officials shared that input from constituents was critical to the decision-making procedures of their Boards of Supervisors. They encouraged folks to report potholes to VDOT, contact elected officials about challenges with broadband and transportation, and send them comments about how the lack of available healthcare options impacts potential buyers’ decisions to move to the area.  Contact information for the Economic Development Directors along with links to VDOT and FAAR’s traffic and broadband submissions are below.

Louisa County Economic Development Director
Andy Wade

Orange County Economic Development Director
Phil Geer

Spotsylvania County Economic Development Director
Tom Rumora

VDOT Pothole Site

Gridlock Grumbles

Broadband Feedback

Submit a Legislative Issue

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