By Pat Breme, RCE, CIPS
Chief Executive Officer

If people often comment that you are leveled, have a calm exterior and get particular satisfaction resolving conflicts, then FAAR needs you. So often formal complaints are avoided when a member of the public or even another agent works with a FAAR Ombudsman. Trained in conflict resolution, an Ombudsman steps in and communications the issues to both sides in a conflict. Through back and forth conversations, the Ombudsman often navigates to a resolution. Sometimes a resolution doesn’t happen and a formal complaint is filed but at least the option is available.

Mediation is offered when the Grievance Committee moves a complaint or a request to arbitrate on for a hearing. If the parties agree to sit down together, the mediator creates an environment where the parties can talk, face-to-face, and perhaps find a solution to the issue, avoiding a hearing.

In both cases, the Ombudsman and the mediator must keep a cool head and not take sides. The activity is not for everyone but for those who enjoy the process of conflict resolution and find satisfaction in assisting people work through problems, it is very rewarding.

Virginia REALTORS® is offering a class on March 24 from 1- 5 pm at the headquarters in Richmond. If you fit the description and are willing to serve in either capacity please contact me,, to register for the class or to get more information.

FAAR will cover the cost of the training and mileage to the Virginia REALTORS® headquarters.

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