If you use a SentriLock lockbox, there is a key step you should take to reduce the possibility of viral contamination through the use of the lockbox. That step involves thoroughly cleaning the lockbox. If you are a listing agent, you should clean the lockbox each time you exit the property, as a courtesy to others entering your listing. If you are a showing agent, you should clean the lockbox before entering the property. Regardless of which model of SentriLock lockbox you own or you encounter during a showing, the process is generally the same.

You will need:

  • Rubber gloves
  • Antibacterial wipes, or antibacterial spray with a clean cloth

Note: During this crisis, you should keep a supply of rubber gloves and antibacterial wipes in your vehicle at all times. This is key to helping to protect yourself, your family and your clients.


Here’s how to properly clean the lockbox:

1. Put on rubber gloves for this process.
2. Remove an antibacterial wipe from its container and use it to thoroughly clean the lockbox keypad, sides, rear, and bottom.
3. Use a second wipe to clean the doorknob, the lockbox shackle, and the keyhole on the entry door.
4. Use your SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app to open the key compartment and thoroughly wipe the door key. While holding the key in one hand, use the wipe to clean the key compartment before placing the key back into the storage bin.

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