Have you wondered what goes in to writing a successful bio? Writing a bio can be hard, many of us have been putting it off “until we have time”. Well, here is the time! Covid-19 has many of us staying home and working on our marketing plans. What better place to start than with a strong bio? Last week FAAR Academy hosted a class called Bio for Success taught by Matthew Rathbun, check out these great tips or watch the recording of the webinar below! 


A strong bio is important because not only will it allow your potential clients to connect with you, it will help them find you. The majority of buyers will google real estate agents before they pick one and especially before they meet with them. Having a great bio and utilizing search engine optimization will help your name show up higher in searches across the internet. 

You Attitude

Use “you” attitude when writing your bio. A great way to connect with clients is to show them the lengths you are willing to go to serve them and the experiences you have had that will help them. Keeping your buyer in mind, even when writing your bio is a great way to connect with future clients.

Write Different Versions

Making multiple drafts of your bio will save you time. One bio should be a full bio of a few paragraphs for your homepage. Your second bio should be about one paragraph so you can share it on multiple pages. Your third bio should be just a couple of sentences to share on social media. Saving all three of your bio drafts in one word document can save you time for each time you start a new account! 


Check out these great tips and more so you can write a successful bio:

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