Can you help you the residents of the Thurman Brisben Center?  The shelter is trying to find stable, long-term housing for many clients right now and they are looking to the Realtor® community for some volunteers to help with that effort.  Do you have a passion for helping under-served communities and know your way around the area rental market?  Then you could be the perfect fit!  Contact Kim Lally or David Cooper with the shelter for more details.

Thurman Brisben Fast Facts:

  • Only about 1% of Brisben clients are served by local housing programs, leaving the rest to be “self-resolvers” and figure it out on their own.
  • In April 2020, over 60% of residents moved into temporary housing including about 20% into hotels.
  • 43% of people entering the shelter have been housed there before.
  • Thurman Brisben does not receive any funding to help with re-housing (rent subsidies, security deposit assistance, etc) and they have only two case managers who are trying to assist a large number of people move into stable, long-term housing.  This is where YOU can play a part!

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