Digital marketing is an everyday necessity, the need for which is only amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic. Last week in our free Tech Time workshop, Chris Muldrow of Fredericksburg Today discussed how you can reach your potential clients through Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and MailChimp.

Digital Marketing through Facebook

Facebook is an excellent way to reach individuals interested in purchasing homes. One major factor, in the effectiveness of Facebook, is that their primary demographic fits with a general targeted market of home buyers. Additionally, Facebook has a wide reach. Before you get started with your Facebook ads, check out these great tips from Facebook Business.

Things to keep in mind when marketing on Facebook

  • People browsing facebook like to stay on facebook – Sometimes it is better to push people to an active Facebook page than your webpage 
  • There are many different types of ad campaigns. Make sure you understand the differences before selecting one.
  • Don’t forget to mark that your ad is in a special category to be sure your ad follows fair housing guidelines.

Marketing on Google

As Chris points out in Tech Time, everyone Googles at least once a day. A tried and true tool of marketing is to be where your clients are. Google targets audiences with search histories and habits related to your marketing campaign. Check out how to build a great Google ad from

Things to keep in mind when marketing on Google

  • Ads are targeted based on people’s search history and user profiles.
  • You will want to direct people to either a personal website or specific listing (preferably hosted on your website.)
  • Ads that run through Google can be built in several different formats to reach a wider audience.

Running a Newsletter Through MailChimp

Out of all the marketing channels discussed, MailChimp is the most direct. Unlike the other two marketing channels where you are looking for new potential clients, MailChimp helps you farm potential clients. By creating a monthly or bimonthly newsletter, you can reach out to your target demographic. Check out what all MailChimp has to offer on their website!

Things to keep in mind when marketing with MailChimp

  • With a free account, you can email up to 2,000 people.
  • In general, you will want to send out an email once or twice a month.
  • You can collect subscribers by offering an option to subscribe on your website.

Tech Time Recording

Check out last week’s tech time below to get these great tips and more and then check out for the next Tech Time!

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