Last Sunday July 12, a group of REALTORS® and other community members gathered at Hurkamp park for a community beautification project. We sat down with the organizer of the event Chip Taylor of Long and Foster to talk about why community service is so important and how it contributes to your business. 

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Why Community Service Is Important


When asked why he felt community service was so vital Chip replied, “I think in any

community you’ve got those amazing rock stars that are helping homeless, helping school children, or whatever the charity is, but they can only do so much. There is a real need everywhere and they need volunteers. Some people get burnt out after a while some people have to do different things so there’s just a constant need for people to help out and do their part as much as they possibly can.”


Throughout Fredericksburg and the surrounding areas there are countless charities and organizations constantly searching for volunteers. Our community really wouldn’t be the same without some of these groups. The sad truth is that a very small amount of our population is doing the majority of the work. Every day our community is being transformed for the better based on the work of the few.


Why REALTORS® Should Be Active In Community Service


Often times REALTORS® are told they should be involved but it is not always clear why. When we posed this question to Mr. Taylor, he had this to say, “ It is important for realtors to be involved. I think that realtors are uniquely positioned as professionals to be involved in their community in many ways. We are the first people that are meeting people who are moving into this area. We are introducing them to our home, to our downtown, to everything around here and I do think that we need to be good stewards of the community so that when we are telling people why they should live here, we should be an active part of why they should live here.”


He continued ot share how he was able to cultivate continual relationships with his clients based off of his community involvement. “It’s just become a big thing for me. I’ve incorporated it into my business so my clients all know that when September/October arrives when I’m calling them or if I’m emailing them, they are already buying cereal to get ready for it. I’ve got some clients that have kids that are saving their allowances and going shopping for cereals so it’s really become a big thing. Last year we collected 3,375 boxes of cereal just for King George and we were able to fill every single pantry in King George and even some in Colonial Beach.”

How To Get Started Today

  • Community Service Committee
  • FAAR’s Cereal Drive
  • Join a Love Scrub
  • Pick up trash in your community
  • Volunteer at a local organization 
  • Starting a digital food drive

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