Recently, the Boards of Directors of the Associations in the region (FAAR, PWAR, BBAR, DAAR and GPAR) voted to stiffen the fines of the Citation System. Second and third offense fines have been added. In most instances, the first offensive fine has doubled from $250 to $500. Second and third offenses average $1,000 and $3,000, respectively.

The system’s focus is on potential violations of Regional Rules and Regulations of the Sentrilock Lockbox System in regards to articles of the Code of Ethics.
Sometimes an ethics hearing can be avoided by an agent agreeing to the guidelines of the Citation System. A potentially offending agent agrees to pay a fine, and the complaint never goes to a hearing. It is a much shorter process and the potentially offending agent does not have to admit guilt.

Download FAAR’s updated Citation System brochure here

realtor citation system brochure cover fredericksburg area association of realtors orange revised 11/2020

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