The Fredericksburg Area Association of REALTORS® Member Spotlight feature allows members of the community to get to know each other before working with each other in a transaction. Each member answers a series of questions to reveal more about themselves as people.  It is FAAR’s hope that learning about an individual may spark connections that blossom via email, phone conversations or in-person meetings at events and classes.

Laura Pate Rodier

Fayetteville, NC

Current Location
Stafford, VA

Marketing Director at The Title Professionals and Realtor® with Holt for Homes Realty

Number of Years in the Industry

Why do you love working in real estate?
Working in real estate affords me the opportunity to meet so many people! After five years in the business in the Fredericksburg area, I have extensive personal and professional networks of people. I run into someone I know every time I go anywhere. My daughter often tells me before we leave the house, “Mom, put on your lipstick because you know you will see someone you know because you know everybody.” She’s not wrong!

Favorite Work Story
Well, I am fairly certain that the over 200-year-old building that I work in is haunted. Ask me about it when you see me!

What are you most proud of in your career?
I am proud that I work for two organizations that prioritize community service. The Title Professionals supports a different local charity every quarter and donates time in addition to money. Holt for Homes faithfully plays Santa every year through FAAR’s Secret Santa initiative and is currently collecting food for the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank. I suppose it is only logical that I take over chairing the FAAR Community Service Committee for this year!

Do you have a special cause or volunteer your time? 
I lost my mother to breast cancer 23 years ago, so I am a multi-year supporter/participant of the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, a 2 day 39 mile walk to raise money and awareness. I also volunteer at my church in various ways, including meal deliveries, youth events, and anything involving the choir, of which I am a member.

Fun Fact
I love to paint! Watercolor portraits are my specialty, but I have painted almost everything. My friends are encouraging me to write and illustrate a book about the adventures of my dog, Bean the Corgi, and I am considering it!

Tina Keene Exit Elite Realty

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