Global COVID-related supply shortages have affected the manufacturing of Sentrilock lockboxes. In order for FAAR to have boxes to sell during the shortage crunch, the following guidelines were established by staff and approved by the Board of Directors:

  • The 2-for-1 lockbox sale has ended
  • FAAR has 150 boxes in stock PLUS an additional 50 on order (The 150 will be sold first, before the new shipment)
  • A set of batteries is given at purchase for the remaining boxes since they are the original boxes acquired at conversion
  • No member may purchase more than 2 boxes at FAAR
  • Members with a large supply may want to sell some of their boxes
  • The procedure to sell a lockbox to another agent-
    • The agent selling the lockbox must give a bill of sale to the Primary FAAR agent who is purchasing the box
    • The bill of sale consists of the seller’s name, the buyer’s name, and the serial number of the lockbox
    • The bill of sale is emailed to FAAR’s Membership Services Director Lori Hillard-Wehr, (There is a transfer fee of $5.00 per lockbox due to FAAR at time of transfer)

The Membership Services Director logs into Sentrilock and transfers the lockbox from the seller to the buyer (The buyer must open the lockbox in order to take possession)

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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