Welcome to the FAAR louder podcast presented by the Fredericksburg Area Association of Realtors®. This episode is brought to you by Kensington bank guard National Land services. Kensington Vanguard is one of the largest independent full service title insurance agencies in the country, providing residential and commercial title insurance, settlement services and 1031 exchange services. Hi everyone, fire communications director here, Lauren Zuza. I’m often behind the scenes but today I’m here to share a helpful story from an agent. The story pertains to a tricky rule when working with video public websites like YouTube, and bright MLS in order to protect your business and avoid any potential fines. One agent learn this rule the hard way with a warning from Bright and encouraged us to share her story.

So many of you are accustomed to uploading your listing videos to YouTube and then sharing the video on the MLS from YouTube. Now this could be an issue if you’re following the Virginia laws requiring your information when advertising on public sites and following the rules from bright MLS which day branding is not allowed on videos and listings. So what’s the solution? If your videos typically have branding within the video itself, this is the process I recommend for you.

Before you add any branding to your video, export your first video, and then add your branding and save it again. You can use your branded video on public sites and upload the one without the branding to brighten. Now you’ll want to avoid using any public site URLs like YouTube and your listing because of the Virginia state laws requiring your information on your advertising. Now if your videos don’t have any branding, you still have to be careful. What you can do is you can upload the exact same video on bright MLS and YouTube but you want to make sure you upload the file from your hard drive when putting it in your listing in bright MLS not sharing the video URL from the public site like YouTube.

Now whether you’re working with a professional or creating your own videos, you will always want to have two versions one with your branding one without and you always want to make sure you upload the video from your hard drive into your listing. So that’s my message for the day. I hope to catch you next time.

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