At FAAR, we are on the lookout for individuals who are driven, passionate and ready to take on leadership roles. We have had an incredible year with the addition of new leaders to our membership and committees, and we are excited to continue this momentum by expanding our team of exceptional individuals on the Board of Directors. This is an excellent opportunity to contribute your skills and experience to an organization that values growth, innovation and collaboration. Join us in our mission to make a positive impact in the real estate industry and beyond!


Are you interested in serving?

The Nominating Committee is accepting nominations until June 30th.


What is the Board anyway, and what does it do?

The Board is made up of 13 members (12 REALTORS® and 1 Affiliate) who set policy for the entire association. The group meets monthly to address issues, solve problems, and keep the association financially solvent by carefully managing funds and investments.


How many members are nominated and elected?

The Nominating Committee shall select one but not more than three nominees for each Director position to be filled.  The candidate getting the highest number of votes from the general membership receives the position.


How long are the terms?

Director positions are for one, two, or three years. Officer positions are for one year, except Treasurer, which is for two years. The Affiliate Director position is for one year.


How do I express interest?

  • The Candidate Profile Form to be reviewed by the Nominating Committee is here.
  • Board Job Descriptions are here.


Return the completed Profile Form to:

Page Browning, CEO of FAAR


What’s next after I apply?

Eligible applicants will be notified of an interview time to occur in person at the FAAR office on July 19 or July 20.



Please contact Page at or reach out to any of our current leadership team at

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