On Thursday, September 7, FAAR will host candidate interviews where members of FAAR’s Public Policy Committee will meet with individuals seeking election throughout the region to discuss issues and talk about their priorities should they be elected.

The goal of FAAR’s public policy program is to create lasting, positive relationships with elected officials through early outreach and support of those candidates who understand the value of real estate to the local economy and are willing to work with Realtors® on issues of vital importance to the industry and to property owners.  The Association accomplishes this goal through making RPAC contributions to endorsed candidates with the goal of helping those candidates win in their elections.  Running for office is very expensive, even at the local level, so any financial support is a big deal for candidates.

FAAR bases those endorsements on candidates’ responses to a detailed survey about real estate issues that can be reviewed here.  The Public Policy Committee then follows up on those surveys with an interview that aims to dig deeper into their written responses by sharing information about the market and our Legislative Positions, which can be accessed here.   This process is a long one but gives the Committee members a great introduction to potential new elected officials.

The Public Policy Committee decides which candidates to interview and often declines to interview challengers in seats of those incumbent elected officials who have been long-time supporters.  Those decisions are made each election cycle and on a case-by-case basis.  In the event of an open seat where the previous incumbent is retiring, FAAR makes every effort to touch base with all candidates running and give them the opportunity to interview.  The Committee also decides endorsements on a case-by-case basis and does not always endorse in every race.

Members are invited to observe these interviews.  They are taking place in the FAAR Board Room located in the Annex on the 1st floor of the building.  Only members of FAAR’s Public Policy Committee are permitted to ask questions of the candidates.  If you would like to attend any of the interviews listed below, please contact FAAR Public Policy Director Kim McClellan.

September 7 Candidate Interview Schedule

9:00am  J. Bryan Nicol, Orange County District 5
9:30am  Gerald Childress, Spotsylvania County Chancellor District
10:00am  Howard Rudat, Stafford County Rock Hill District
10:30am  Kerry Devine, City of Fredericksburg Mayor
11:00am  Matt Kelly, City of Fredericksburg At-Large
11:30am  David Sullins, King George County At-Large
12:30pm  Michael Bush, Spotsylvania County Courtland District
1:00pm  Deborah Frazier, Spotsylvania County Salem District
1:30pm  Jannan Holmes, City of Fredericksburg At-Large
2:00pm Anne LeHuray, King George County At-Large
2:30pm  Deuntay Diggs, Stafford County George Washington District
3:00pm  Carrie Gonzalez, King George County At-Large
3:30pm  Tom Coen, Stafford County George Washington District
4:00pm  Will Mackintosh, City of Fredericksburg At-Large

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