If you’ve logged in previously at faarmembers.com/myaccount and already set up a security question and answer, you may reset your password from the login screen. Click on the get started button to the right of the credentials entry. If you have not set up a security question and answer previously, you can email lhillardwehr@faarmembers.com or call 540-373-7711 to have your credentials sent to you or reset.

Once you’ve successfully logged in, you may update most of your data (such as email, address, directory display preferences, email subscriptions, etc) on file with us through the “Update Member Profile” button on the faarmembers.com/myaccount page.  You will see this link in the blue box shown on the page. 

If you are unable to change a piece of information in the portal (such as a change of last name), you will need to fill out a contact update form from the forms page.

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