The FAAR Board of Directors recently voted to amend the 2018 Legislative Package to include transportation infrastructure funding to the State Legislative Positions.  FAAR has always maintained a Standing Position on transportation, but moving the item up to State Legislative Positions brings a greater focus to the issue.  Transportation is such a critical issue to our industry and our economy.  While great strides have been made in securing needed funding for area projects, more needs to be done.

The FAAR Board of Directors adopted the following position:

State and Local Issue
One of the top issues facing the Commonwealth of Virginia is the growing mobility crisis throughout the population crescent stretching from Northern Virginia to Hampton Roads.  FAAR applauds the passage of historic transportation legislation from the 2013 General Assembly session and the awards of funding for many transportation projects through the SmartScale process and the Atlantic Gateway project.  FAAR continues to strongly advocate for keeping a focus on transportation infrastructure.

FAAR proposes the following actions to help address the region’s transportation crisis.

  1. Reform the SmartScale transportation funding process to more equitably distribute funds across the Commonwealth.  A 7-day traffic count for congestion is the most important reform as some of the worst traffic in this region occurs on Saturdays and Sundays.
  2. Extend the current HOT lanes down to Exit 126 in Massaponax to truly address the serious volume issues crossing the Rappahannock River and approaching Route 3.
  3. Continue to invest in improvements to mass transit including VRE, Metro, and regional bus networks.
  4. Amend state law to allow any jurisdiction the right to consider establishing a regional transportation authority.  With diminishing federal and state resources available for road construction and maintenance, localities need as many tools as possible to leverage funds for transportation infrastructure.

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