2018 Community Service Day Waiver

I understand that this event is being done on a voluntary basis through the Fredericksburg Area Association of Realtors® (FAAR) and in partnership with the 516 Project, Inc. I hereby acknowledge that working on the 516 Project, Inc. home repair program involves some risk of personal injury and/or death. I hereby acknowledge that FAAR and 516 Project, Inc. has made no representations about the conditions of the premises on which I will be working or the activities in which I choose to engage. I hereby release and hold harmless FAAR and 516 Project, Inc., its officers and directors and others working on this project, including the homeowners where I will volunteer, from any and all liability which might result from my working on this project. I hereby acknowledge that I assume the risk of any injury which might occur as the result of working on this project. This also includes the transportation to and from the assigned work location. I hereby acknowledge that my photo / video may be taken during activities involved with my volunteer work with FAAR and 516 Project, Inc. I understand and allow these images / videos be used by FAAR and/or the 516 Project, Inc. in print and/or digital media at the discretion of both organizations.

  • Do you have any prior building or construction experience?
  • If you answered yes in the previous question, please indicate the types of construction skills you possess.
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    Please indicate your preferred size for the FREE Community Service Day commemorative t-shirt provided by the 516 Project!

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