By Pat Breme, RCE, CIPS
Chief Executive Officer

In my 25 plus years with FAAR I have heard that comment often from members who say no when asked to consider a leadership role at FAAR. The comment has merit… who has TIME for anything extra in their lives? Absolutely no one, yet some do make the time to get involved in the community of real estate.

The ask is for a commitment of time, energy and ideas but the upside is get a front row seat to the industry, the trends, the FUTURE! This view can and should guide you in making decisions about your business… where are you and where do you want to be in terms of productively, opportunities, and longevity. It is not just FAAR that benefits through your participation, you benefit!

Current Board members and past presidents provided answers to, two simple questions.

  1. Why I decided to do it?
  2. What are the expected or unexpected, positive consequences of serving?

Here are a few replies- For the complete list check out the May FAARSide Newsletter.

  1. I decided to do it because I like the opportunity to both learn from accomplished peers in our industry in hopes of following in their footsteps and to enjoy the privilege of having a seat at the table with a goal of always improving the associations’ service to members like me. If I’m a due paying member, shouldn’t I be involved and utilizing everything that’s offered? BOD is just an extension of that thinking.
  2. It’s pretty interesting stuff and it opens a huge network of encouraging, successful, enlightening people (staff, agents, affiliates) that help me strengthen my business, while focusing on the big picture for agents as a whole. I really like being able to tackle our collective goals as an industry with many voices being heard. Learning with and from one another only makes me a better agent, thus making my clients happier and more successful.

Clay Murray, Coldwell Banker Elite, current Board Member, 2017 REALTORS® Choice and Melanie Thompson award recipient


  1. Honestly – did it because I was “Asked”.
  2. Three unexpected consequences:
    • It has fundamentally and positively impacted my career growth. I now value my and understand what it truly means to be a REALTOR®.
    • My sphere of professional, engaged and very close friends has grown infinitely larger. Cherish these relationships.
    • It’s made me a better me. Both professionally and personally. What time I’ve given to FAAR could never come close to matching how much I’ve gained in return.

Chip Taylor, Long & Foster, Inc., current Director and 2012 President


  1. I decided to do it because I was asked. It was an honor to be considered for the position.
  2. I can now say I have served my profession. To newer agents, it shows respect from the REALTOR® community. I get to serve with great leaders and learn from them.

Mark Geslock, Century 21 Redwood, current Secretary


2017 President Linda Fosdick heads up the Nominating Committee this year. Contact her ( or me ( if you have any questions.

The application forms needed to be completed are The Candidate Profile and the Code of Conduct.

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