But I’m not Tech Savvy.

For some of us, technology is scary and intimidating. For some of us, the thought of being on a “Technology Committee” is even scarier.

But here’s where the FAAR Technology Committee can help you.

The Technology committee holds an informal monthly meeting (9 AM) and open workshop (10 am-Noon) every 2nd Tuesday of the month. Just one morning, that’s it.

When you talk about the consumer trends and real estate technology out there and get more comfortable using the latest digital resources, everyone wins!  You have more confidence, you use tech more safely, and you can perform tasks in ways you never could before!

Build your Instagram, discover the latest in real estate tools, shoot a video in the studio—the technology committee is here to help overcome your tech intimidation and empower you to harness technology in your business.

Read how Tech Time helped local broker, Kat here!

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