It’s not everyday that we get to see the tangible outcome that our funds help support so the Fredericksburg Realtors® Foundation is so excited to share this story.  In August of 2019, the Foundation granted $1,500 to SAWs Virginia, a relatively new charity to the Fredericksburg landscape that builds wheelchair ramps for those in need.  Here is the true story of what those raffle funds you all contribute go towards…

Our grant built a wheelchair ramp for a woman who has been disabled for many years with degenerative disk disease and neuropathy.  Her husband is also medically disabled.  They rent a single floor home, but have a set of several steps leading into the house.  She could not exit her home without the assistance of medical transport but this wheelchair ramp changes everything.  Thank you, FAAR members, for your continued support of the Fredericksburg Realtors® Foundation, stories like these are why we do what we do!

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