This week Sherrie Shaw with Universal Title shared with us the best ways to get a review and how to share them with others.

Reviews are a great way to stand out in a crowd. The sad truth is, many agents are not curating their reviews and sharing them. In the digital age, many people consider an online review to carry the same weight as a personal endorsement. So here are six steps to collecting great reviews.

How To Start

  • The first step is to check out how your digital presence is. Use an incognito tab to see what other people see when they google your name. 


  • Don’t forget to ask for a review. It can be great to get reviews throughout the process, but the easiest way can be after the closing. If you have your phone you can even capture a quick video review to post on your website right after the closing! To make sure you get that written review you can add a nice handwritten card asking for them to let others know how you did

Where Should My Reviews Be?

  • In her webinar, Sherrie shares eight websites that you can curate reviews on. These websites include, Google, Homesnap, Yelp, Rate My Agent, Trulia, Zillow, and The Better Business Buro.


  • Create a Google Business page. Google is the leading search engine. Because of Google’s incredible search engine optimization, you will want to create a page that integrates directly with Google itself.


  • Curating your Facebook page is also a major component of creating a good referral network. By creating a business page on Facebook you can be found more easily and share relevant content with your network. There is also the added benefit of being able to reply to your reviewers and thank them for their time!


  • As mentioned above, there are eight major websites that you can be gathering reviews on. Chances are you don’t want to ask your clients to go to every one of these websites. There are great tools out there like Arrivala where you can link all of those review sites. With tools like this, you provide the link to your clients and they can leave their review one time and it will be uploaded to all the review websites automatically. The best part is that you can utilize this tool for free!


Check out some of these great tips and more in the video below!

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