COVID is keeping us from doing in-person check presentations, but this blast from the past shows that we have a long history of support!

The Foundation approved a $2,500 grant for an emergency bathroom renovation at Mary’s Shelter.  At any given time, Mary’s Shelter provides housing for up to 18 women and their children in need of safe refuge.  In addition to the homes they own, they also offer financial assistance to women in our community so that they can avoid homelessness.  The shelter has been in operation for 14 years.  

Mary’s Shelter has expanded their services because the needs are so great, while their donations have shrunk due to the pandemic.  One of their homes experienced a very ill-timed bathroom leak, necessitating the move out of two families from units that were impacted.  It is vital that Mary’s Shelter repairs the water damage and the leaky bathroom to get folks back into these units, and that’s where the Foundation’s money comes in. 

While the Foundation was so pleased to give the $2,500 in funding, it falls far short of the $7,000 needed to repair the bathroom.  If you are interested in learning more about Mary’s Shelter or donating to their operation, please visit  

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