We’ve come close in the past, but 2021 is the year for us to get the Virginia REALTORS® Health Plan legislation across the finish line.

Senator George Barker has introduced SB 1341, and Delegate Chris Hurst has introduced HB 2033 to accomplish this goal.

NOW we need your help.

Click the button below to access the Call for Action to support SB 1341 and HB 2033 to allow you the chance to pursue affordable, quality health care options through the Virginia REALTORS®.

For some background, many other groups of small employers are permitted to band together to create their own, single risk pool and to offer a health plan to these employees.  We are simply looking to have the same ability for our independent contractor members.  The Virginia Realtors® Health Plan will include the same consumer protections included in the Affordable Care Act. 

We estimate that 7,000 Virginia Realtors® go without health insurance each year because they do not qualify for the ACA’s premium subsidies and they cannot afford the high out-of-pocket costs for premiums and deductibles for an “unsubsidized” individual market plan.  We believe that if the Virginia Realtors® is able to create a health plan, many of uninsured members will be able to access much-needed health coverage that is affordable, comprehensive, and includes all of the necessary consumer protections.

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