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welcome to far louder your official

association podcast



Hey FAAR members it’s MacKenzie and

today I want to talk to you about how

you can optimize your website so that

you start getting more leads from it.


Website Tools


One of the great tools we’ve seen come

out in the past few years are

things like Placester, has

created a place for you to build your

profile, you can use Squarespace but a lot of

people have gone with

the more customizable options of

using things like WordPress to create

their websites because that gives them

more control over the content and where

they’re going to show up.


Some of the major contributing

factors of that (where content shows up)

are the content that goes on the website

so I really want to talk to you about

how to get the right content on your

website to get more leads.




To understand that, we need to talk

about search engine optimization

more casually known as SEO. SEO is what

happens when you go and you type your

article and they suggest that articles on your

website be between 300 and 500 words

long which is about the

size of an essay that you would have

written in high school. The purpose

for this is because it’s not too long

but it’s not too short

to keep your readers attention. On top of

this, they also suggest

that you use key phrases a certain

amount of times in your

articles depending on the length of your

sentences and the

number of paragraphs.


It sounds really

complicated and really overwhelming right?



Well, there are a lot of great resources

to find out if the articles on your

website are actually going to be

optimized for the internet so that they

come up higher in search results.


The number one thing that you’re going

to want to look at is Yoast

which is an SEO optimizer that can be

plugged into WordPress.

If you have a WordPress website, this is

my number one suggestion.

it is free to use up to a point. There are some

higher end features that aren’t as

commonly used

if you really want to look into those.


But this is my number one suggestion. If

you want to get your website higher up

you’re going to want to start optimizing

your website


Other SEO Tips


If you’re not using a

website like WordPress where you can use

this plugin,

check out some of these tips:


Have a blog

and again that  300 to  word count


It is very important try to use a key

phrase two or three times throughout your

article. something like

“best homes in the area” and then name your



The more you put these things into your

Article, if somebody is searching for

those specific things, they will come up

higher in search results.

What Else You Want To Talk About

You’re also going to want to link to

other websites’ content. Maybe if you’re

talking about

Lake Anna you want to link to the Lake

Anna website because it gives

your website credibility in a search

engine’s processing.


So those are a couple of tips

on how to create



You’re also going to want to add

an image and here’s why it’s twofold


the image comes in and creates something

more eye-catching for people to relate

to as they’re going through your website


but also if you have something where you


share your content it’ll usually pull

that graphic at the top of the page

that’s associated with the article

so instead of having to create separate

social media content

you’re pushing everybody back to your

website whenever you share

information this is great because it

keeps everything

centralized when you’re looking at


content to share talk about your local

area there are a lot of different services

that each area has something about

schools, something about trails, just really dig

into those things that if you were

moving someplace what would you want to

know. And then you also want to talk

about local businesses because people

want to see

local business supporting local business

and that’s where those photos come in


Again, if you put a photo in your article

About you going to this great downtown shop

and you share that article

to your Facebook page and you’ve got

that photo being shared again and again

and again

it’s just getting that mileage out there

you’re also going to want to talk

about your day-to-day life not everybody

needs to know the

nitty-gritty details of what you had for

breakfast but if you really like to run

in a certain trail share that trail with


if you really like to go and make this

recipe but you need to have

this ingredient from that particular

store share that share your life to the

point where you’re sharing your


because you know that other people are

going to want to enjoy that same

lifestyle that you have the privilege of enjoying

because when at the end of the day we

all know that real estate comes down

to selling a lifestyle so if you want to

connect with people

share who you are they’re going to want

to connect with you


I think a lot of people get stuck on

this writing content for their website

or managing their social media. They’re

like I just don’t have the time

you know your clients are going to come

from this

they’re going to find you on the

websites maybe it might not be the first

time they see your name but if your name

pops up on some place like Zillow or

they are googling you to find out more

about who you are


It’s very interesting to see the

statistics especially because

a lot of people think that the most

important thing on their website

is that MLS feed and while that’s a

great feature to have

it’s not what drives people to come to

your websites anymore because they’re

going to zillow and they’re going to


So, if you want to hear more about the

exact statistics we actually have a

great episode

on our YouTube page that was taught by

Matthew Rathbun

about how you can get your bio to be

more professional looking and why it really

matters to have that content on your

website I highly suggest you check it out


You really can’t afford not to put

content on your website

it is a driving force especially for new

agents so if you want those leads if you want

to get started make sure you’re

developing content for your website

and as always far is here to help and

support you we have great tools on our

website I highly suggest you check them

out tools and check out all

the great content we have there for you


Have a great day guys!

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