Election Night 2021 contained many surprises for candidates and those watching the elections alike.  Several seemingly “safe” Democratic Virginia Delegates were ousted by their newcomer Republican challengers.  Those victories rode on the coattails of the statewide upset with Republican and first-time candidate Glenn Youngkin defeating the one-time strongly favored Terry McAuliffe to win the Governor’s Mansion.  While the Youngkin win was a surprise for many, the election shifted in late September and Republicans across all races gained steam in the last 6 weeks of the election focused mostly on parental anger over education and the state of the economy.  For some of our local candidates, those Republican headwinds were too hard to overcome.  The charts below indicate the outcomes of races in the FAAR service territory.

FAAR-endorsed Candidates are denoted in bold, results below.

Office Incumbent Name Challenger Name FAAR Outcome
HD-28 Josh Cole, D Tara Durant, R WINNER Loss
HD-88 (Open Seat)   Phil Scott, R WINNER
Kecia Evans, D
Tim Lewis, L
City of Fredericksburg, Ward 2 (Open Seat)   Jon Gerlach, WINNER
Andy Reese
City of Fredericksburg, Ward 3 Tim Duffy WINNER Rene Rodriguez Win
City of Fredericksburg, Ward 4 Chuck Frye WINNER Amber Peebles Win
King George County, Shiloh District Cathy Binder WINNER Cedell Brooks Win
Orange County, District 2 Jim Crozier WINNER   Win
Spotsylvania County, Battlefield District Chris Yakabouski WINNER Baron Braswell
Nick Ignacio
Stafford County, Aquia District Paul Milde defeated incumbent Cindy Shelton in the primary Monica Gary WINNER Loss
The races below are ones that FAAR declined to make any endorsements in.      
City of Fredericksburg, Ward 1 Jason Graham WINNER    
King George County, Monroe District TC Collins WINNER    
Orange County, District 1 Mark Johnson WINNER    
Spotsylvania County, Lee Hill District (Open Seat)   Lori Hayes WINNER
Todd Rump
Stafford County, Hartwood District (Open Seat)   Darrell English WINNER
Keith Jones
Stafford County, Falmouth District Meg Bohmke WINNER Sandy Cole  
Stafford County, Garrisonville District (Open Seat)   Bart Randall
Pam Yeung WINNER

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