Decommission an old box for a discount on the new SentriGuard Lockbox! 


FAAR Brokers and Agents:

FAAR and Sentrilock are offering a discount to help agents get the NEW Sentrilock boxes!

Stop service on your old lockboxes and get a discount on a new Gen 4 SentriGuard! Watch a short video about the new lockboxes here!



Regular Price: $130.00

Pre-Order Discount until February 17: $110.00



Use the order form to order your new boxes.

For each new lockbox you purchase at the discount, an old lockbox will be decommissioned (deactivated) by FAAR.

If agents need a list of what their lockbox serial numbers are, we will provide that.


Once we have the new lockboxes in stock the agent may come to FAAR to pick them up, and at that time the old one will be decommissioned.

The agent is responsible for disposing of the batteries and old lockbox.




Friday, February 17:

  • Deadline to place order for your new boxes and give FAAR the serial number(s) of box(es) that will be decommissioned.
  • Payment guarantee of $110 per lockbox must be made by this date. (Credit card will be charged when the new lockboxes are received by FAAR.)


Monday, February 20:

  • FAAR will order the boxes from Sentrilock at the discounted rate.



  • FAAR will receive the new boxes and agents can pick them up at the FAAR office.
  • FAAR will decommission the old boxes.
  • Agents will dispose of/recycle the decommissioned boxes.



Contact Lori at lhillardwehr@faarmembers.com.

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