FAAR members have reported receiving multiple text messages offering health insurance from a sender who claims to be affiliated with NAR.  Messages like these are a scam, NAR does NOT offer members direct health insurance benefits and did not authorize a third party to reach out to you on their behalf.  Please direct any fraudulent outreach to insurancescam@nar.realtor.

NAR does partner with providers who offer individual insurance plans for major medical, dental, vision, home, life, auto, and pet policies.  These plans are all offered on an individual basis and not directly through NAR.  NAR members have access to a trusted third party vendor that offers consulting services to help NAR members find the best policies available on the private market.  This service is on-demand for members and does not reach out unsolicited.  Access all of NAR’s personal insurance benefits at https://www.nar.realtor/realtor-benefits-program/personal-insurance.

NAR has also provided a website with FAQs about this issue, you can access it here.

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