Last Monday, October 2, the Louisa County Board of Supervisors passed short-term rental (STR) regulations on a 5-2 vote after nearly two years of debate and discussion.  The ordinance provides STR operation by-right in residential areas if certain conditions are met.  This applies to the vast majority of STR’s at Lake Anna.  STR’s operated in agriculturally zoned areas are not subject to these rules per the ruling of the Attorney General earlier this year.  

STR operators in residential areas must meeting the following conditions:

  • provide a point of contact for their property to Louisa County and its subdivision’s governing body, if applicable;
  • provide to tenants a copy of Louisa County code sections pertaining to noise and solid waste as well as the definitions for Special Occasion Facilities and Gatherings as part of short-term rental contracts.
  • inform tenants that using the property for a special event typically held at a special occasion facility—a wedding, for example—is prohibited unless the property has a valid Conditional Use Permit;
  • provide to Louisa County documentation of septic system inspections and repairs whenever they are completed, if applicable;
  • comply with all applicable state health department, building code and safety regulations.

STR owners unable to meet these requirements are prohibited from operating a short-term rental unless they obtain a Conditional Use Permit from the Board of Supervisors.  

Access the text of the approved ordinance and the County’s dedicated STR website using the buttons below.  

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