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How can I see my agents’ outstanding dues?

Navigate to the My Account page and log in.  If you have not paid your dues, a grey box will be on the page with the amount you owe.  To pay your dues, click on this box. To see agents’ dues, look at the box with your company name.

Prices continue to rise despite falling demand in housing market

The regional median home price was up again in October, despite shrinking demand heading into the winter season.  The median sold price settled at $440,000 this month compared to $425,000 in October of 2022, representing a nearly 4% year-over-year increase.  Units sold were down nearly 20%, coming in at 410 this October compared to 506 units sold last year.  Total sold dollar volume was down nearly 19%, posting approximately $195.5 million in sales for October of 2023 compared to $240 million in sales last year. 

Spotsylvania County was especially notable in October posting its second highest median sold price on record.  The month saw prices soar to $470,000 compared to $400,000 in October of last year.  This price was eclipsed only by August of this year when median price rose to $472,500. 

Days on market, the time it takes from when a listing enters the market until it receives a ratified contract and is removed from active status on the multiple listing service, was static compared to last October, coming in at 26 days.  Continued constrained supply is keeping days on market down since there isn’t much out there for active buyers to choose from.    

Inventory was also down again in October, finishing out the month with 900 active listings compared to 1,012 last year, an 11% decline.  New listings were down nearly 20% from last October with 514 homes coming on the market in 2023 compared to 638 last year.  New pending sales were down 10% in October, with 424 pending contracts compared to 470 last year.  Inventory continues to be challenged as homeowners experience the “lock-in” effect of having very low existing mortgage rates.  In the last 10 years, the average rate of mortgages in the Commonwealth fell from 5.2% to 3.8% as people bought homes or refinanced existing mortgages when rates sank to their lowest in history.  As rates have increased over the last year, there is a huge delta between what mortgage rate homeowners have right now and what rate they would get if they moved.  This delta locks them into their current properties as they wait for rates to come down before considering a move.

The tide may be turning on increasing mortgage rates as the Mortgage Bankers Association came out with their 2024 projections showing great news for 2024.  “The mortgage rate is predicted to be in the low 6% range by the fourth quarter of 2024,” states FAAR Board of Director Sherrie Shaw.  “Even better, 2025 rates are projected to be in the mid-5% range, which should really help in getting sellers off the sidelines.”  A moderation in mortgage rates will help motivate move-up buyers to list their homes and ease the inventory crunch that has plagued the market for years now.


2023 Election Night Wrap Up

Election 2023 saw many successes for Democrats across the state and a change in party control of the House of Delegates.  Many were calling this election a referendum on the performance of Governor Glenn Youngkin and if that’s true, the results indicate that about half the population isn’t thrilled.  Democrats retained their control of the State Senate and also swept away the narrowly-held Republican majority in the General Assembly.

The State Senate stands at 21 Democrats and 18 Republicans with 1 race currently too close to call.  That seat has the Republican challenger edging out the Democratic incumbent by just 20 votes.  The General Assembly stands at 51 Democrats and 48 Republicans with 1 race currently too close to call.  That seat has the incumbent Republican up by less than 200 votes.

The Virginia legislature remains deeply divided and both Democrats and Republicans will have to work together to get anything accomplished for the remaining 2 years of Gov. Youngkin’s term.  Our local races were a mixed bag with R’s and D’s both picking up seats and a long-time incumbent friend of FAAR losing in Stafford County.  The charts below indicate the outcomes of races in the FAAR service territory.*denotes incumbent


Virginia House of Delegates FAAR Outcome
HD-23 Candi Mundon King*, D WINNER James Tully, R


VAR endorsed Delegate King Win
HD-62 Sara Racliffe, D Nick Freitas*, R
VAR endorsed Delegate Freitas Win
HD-63   Phil Scott*, R
VAR endorsed Delegate Scott Win

(open seat)

Leonard Lacey, D Paul Milde, R
VAR endorsed Paul Milde Win

(open seat)

Josh Cole, D
Lee Peters, R No endorsement  
HD-66 Mark Lux, D Bobby Orrock*,R WINNER VAR endorsed Delegate Orrock Win
HD-67 John Smith, D Hillary Pugh Kent, R
VAR endorsed Hillary Pugh Kent Win
Virginia State Senate


SD-25 Jolicia Ward, D Richard Stuart*, R
VAR endorsed Senator Stuart Win



(open seat)

Joel Griffin, D

Monica Gary, I

Tara Durant, R
VAR endorsed Tara Durant Win
SD-28 Jason Ford Bryce Reeves*, R
VAR endorsed Senator Reeves Win
SD-29 Jeremy McPike*, D
Nikki Baldwin, R VAR endorsed Senator McPike Win
City of Fredericksburg  
At-Large Mayor Kerry Devine, D
  Uncontested race, verbal endorsement Win
At-Large Will Mackintosh,
Jannan Holmes
Matt Kelly* FAAR endorsed Will Mackintosh with a $1,000 RPAC contribution

Declined to endorse for additional candidates



                                                   King George County

(Open seat)

David Sullins
Carrie Gonzalez FAAR endorsed Carrie Gonzalez with a $1,000 RPAC contribution Loss

(Open seat)

Bill Davis
Robert Vanatta No endorsement N/A
James Madison

(Open seat)

Edwin Frank
  Uncontested, no endorsement N/A
Orange County  
District 2

(Open seat)

Ed Van Hoven
D.J. Anglin No endorsement N/A
District 3


Keith Marshall
Ellen Pitera No endorsement N/A


District 4 Crystal Hale
Brit Lewis

Ryan Soon

Laird Knights

No endorsement N/A
District 5

(Open seat)

Bryan Nicol
Anne LeHuray FAAR endorsed Bryan Nicol with a $1,000 RPAC contribution Win
Spotsylvania County  

(Open seat)

Gerald Childress
Micheal Martin FAAR endorsed Gerald Childress with $1,000 in RPAC funds Win

(Open seat)

Drew Mullins
Michael Bush No endorsement N/A


Livingston Jake Lane*
  Uncontested, no endorsement N/A
Salem Roy Searles Deborah Frazier*
FAAR endorsed Deborah Frazier with $2,500 in RPAC funds Win
Stafford County  
George Washington Deuntay Diggs
Tom Coen* FAAR endorsed Tom Coen with a $2,500 campaign contribution Loss
Griffis-Widewater Tinesha Allen*
Jennifer Harper FAAR did not endorse N/A
Rock Hill Crystal Vanuch*
Howard Rudat FAAR endorsed Howard Rudat with a $2,500 RPAC contribution Loss
Commissioner of the Revenue Scott Mayausky*
Lorena Bruner FAAR endorsed with a $1,000 RPAC contribution Win
Caroline County
Bowling Green Jeff Sili*
  Uncontested, no endorsement N/A
Madison Clay Forehand*
  Uncontested, no endorsement N/A


Mattaponi Floyd Thomas*
Milton Bush No endorsement N/A
Porty Royal Nancy Long*
  Uncontested, no endorsement N/A
Reedy Church Reggie Underwood*
  Uncontested, no endorsement N/A


*denotes incumbent




2023 Cereal Drive Results

2023 Cereal Drive Results

REALTORS® and Affiliates members did a tremendous job of seeking out cereal this year! Members and friends ended up collecting 18,639 boxes of shelf-stable food for our community.

Who won?

Affiliate collecting the most boxes

Nationwide Mortgage Bankers – 400 boxes

Most Cereal Per Agent

1st Choice Better Homes and Land – 4,443 boxes 

Most Improved

Next Home Stellar Realty – 440 boxes 

Runner-ups Most Cereal

Century 21 New Millennium Fredericksburg – 5,137 boxes

Grand Prize

Long and Foster Fredericksburg – 5,260 boxes


Thank you also to these cereal collectors!

Century 21 Redwood – Locust Grove/ Fredericksburg

Coldwell Banker Elite Downtown

Cropper Home Sales

Ulta Realty

Mark Geslock

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Pen Fed Realty Stafford

Long and Foster Lake Anna

Coldwell Banker Elite Stafford

Keller Williams Capital Properties Fredericksburg

Holt for Homes

Century 21 Redwood

Next Home Stellar Realty

Inventory Low, Prices High in the Local Housing Market

The weather might be cooling off, but local home prices certainly are not.  The region’s median sold price was up nearly 4% in September coming in at $435,000 compared to $420,000 last September.  Volume of sales continues its downward trend posting a nearly 17% decline from last year, with approximately $207.4 million in sales this September compared to $249.1 million during the same period last year.  High prices and lack of inventory continue to depress demand with units sold down another 21% this September with 552 homes sold last year compared to 435 homes sold this year. 

“The Fredericksburg area real estate market remains subject to various external factors, with interest rates being a prominent influence,” states FAAR Board of Director LeAnn Black. “We are seeing a marginal uptick in the number of days properties spend on the market and this presents a favorable window of opportunity for homebuyers. They aren’t merely searching for any home; they are seeking move-in-ready properties and are often willing to pay a premium for such convenience.”

Days on market, the time it takes from when a listing enters the market until it receives a ratified contract and is removed from active status on the multiple listing service, remained similar to last year.  Houses were on the market for an average of 25 days this September compared to 23 days last year. 

Inventory was also down again in September, finishing out the month with 859 active listings compared to 1,038 last year, a 17% decline.  New listings were down a whopping 37% from last year with 491 homes coming on the market in September of 2023 compared to 775 last year.  New pending sales were down 26% in September, with 414 pending contracts compared to 557 last year.  Mortgage interest rates approaching 8% have would-be sellers holding off, contributing to the already low housing inventory.

“Current homeowners have been benefiting from their prevailing low interest rates, prompting many to remain on the sidelines,” continues Black.  “Home sellers could explore an alternative option: the average home equity in Virginia currently stands at approximately $147,000. Home prices in the area continue to rise steadily. By selling their current homes and utilizing their accrued equity to bolster their down payment on a new property, home sellers can potentially mitigate the impact of current interest rates. This strategic move could prove advantageous in navigating the evolving real estate landscape.”

Meet FAAR’s endorsed candidates for the November 7 election!

City of Fredericksburg 

Kerry Devine, Mayor
City of Fredericksburg, City Council

Kerry is a 20-year resident of the City and will focus on continuing the great things that have been started.  She has served on the Council for many years and is a long-time educator in area schools.

Will Mackintosh, At-Large
City of Fredericksburg, City Council

Will is a professor at the University of Mary Washington with a deep knowledge of the City of Fredericksburg.  He understands the important role that growth plays in a thriving jurisdiction and FAAR looks forward to working with him on the City Council.

Carrie Gonzalez, At-Large
King George County Board of Supervisors 

Carrie has been a member of the King George School Board since 2019 and has learned a lot about the budgeting process.  She believes growth is inevitable and that we must plan for it in a way that works for the County and its residents.

Bryan Nicol, District 5
Orange County Board of Supervisors

Bryan has lived in Lake of the Woods since 2006 and has served as an Orange County Planning Commissioner for the past two years.  He believes housing is a huge issue and that we need a broad mix of housing to meet the needs of our citizens.

Dr. Deborah Frazier, Salem District
Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors

Dr. Frazier has been on the Board of Supervisors since 2019 and her main concern is ensuring that County residents have adequate infrastructure.  She is currently a middle school principal in the County and wants to see a greater range of housing options so that more of her teachers can afford to live where they teach.

Gerald Childress, Chancellor District
Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors

Gerald is a native of Spotsylvania County and a former Marine.  He was the Chairman of the EDA and currently serves on the Planning Commission.  He wants to see greater commercial development to balance the tax burden on homeowners and is supportive of a wide range of housing options in the County.

Howard Rudat, Rock Hill District 
Stafford County Board of Supervisors

Howard is retired Army and a small business owner in the County.  He believes growth is inevitable and that we must embrace it and plan for it.  He believes that downzoning was a mistake, creating more sprawl and denying farmers their value.  He is looking forward to working with all stakeholders to try and build more affordable housing and expand our region’s workforce. 

Tom Coen, George Washington District
Stafford County Board of Supervisors

Tom is a long-time ally of FAAR, standing strong with us in opposition to downzoning and encouraging a focus on affordable housing.  Tom wants to work collaboratively with stakeholders and government officials to solve the issues facing the County.

Scott Mayausky
Stafford County Commissioner of the Revenue

Scott was first elected in the 1990s and has served Stafford County for many years.  He is a strong proponent for private property rights and has been an ally to real estate on important issues like the downzoning.  Scott is a calm and steady voice within the County and understands the value of real estate to the local economy. 

Final Louisa County Short-term Rental Ordinance

Last Monday, October 2, the Louisa County Board of Supervisors passed short-term rental (STR) regulations on a 5-2 vote after nearly two years of debate and discussion.  The ordinance provides STR operation by-right in residential areas if certain conditions are met.  This applies to the vast majority of STR’s at Lake Anna.  STR’s operated in agriculturally zoned areas are not subject to these rules per the ruling of the Attorney General earlier this year.  

STR operators in residential areas must meeting the following conditions:

  • provide a point of contact for their property to Louisa County and its subdivision’s governing body, if applicable;
  • provide to tenants a copy of Louisa County code sections pertaining to noise and solid waste as well as the definitions for Special Occasion Facilities and Gatherings as part of short-term rental contracts.
  • inform tenants that using the property for a special event typically held at a special occasion facility—a wedding, for example—is prohibited unless the property has a valid Conditional Use Permit;
  • provide to Louisa County documentation of septic system inspections and repairs whenever they are completed, if applicable;
  • comply with all applicable state health department, building code and safety regulations.

STR owners unable to meet these requirements are prohibited from operating a short-term rental unless they obtain a Conditional Use Permit from the Board of Supervisors.  

Access the text of the approved ordinance and the County’s dedicated STR website using the buttons below.  

Sell at Lake Anna in Louisa County? Take action against short-term rental restrictions!

Louisa County has spent the last 18 months crafting short-term rental regulations.  A working group recently reported a revised version of an ordinance to the Planning Commission.  This draft is the least restrictive of all that’s come out of these discussions.  This version would allow short-term rentals by-right with some restrictions in nearly every area of the lake.  The Planning Commission laid that version aside and put forth an alternative that would require an onerous Conditional Use Permit be secured for every residentially zoned parcel in the County that wants to operate a short-term rental.

That would mean that all of the hundreds of property owners who rent at the lake would be required to go through a lengthy review process at both the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors.  This process involves notifying adjacent property owners and hosting a public hearing where anyone can comment on whether that Conditional Use Permit should be issued to the property owner.  This requirement would be not be dependent on whether there have been any complaints in the past so responsible property owners would be swept up into this as well.

The Louisa County Board of Supervisors is set to hear presentations on both the working group proposal and the Planning Commission alternative on Monday, October 2, 2023 at 6:00pm in the Board of Supervisors Chambers located at 1 Woolfolk Avenue, Louisa.  Concerned parties can also send their comments via email to the Board at  

The Louisa County website dedicated to short-term rentals is linked in the button below.  You will find the full text of both proposals.  The staff will be recommending the working group draft and it is important that the Board hears strongly from residents and agents alike that they should REJECT the restrictive Planning Commission alternative. 

Also linked below is a letter sent from FAAR President Carol Sondrini in opposition to the Planning Commission alternative.  Feel free to copy that language and use it in your own email to the Board.  Let your voice be heard!

10/03/2023 UPDATE  We won!!!  The Board of Supervisors did not event take up the Planning Commission alternative requiring a CUP for every STR.

Staff is working on incorporating the amendments that were passed last night so once we have a clean copy of the ordinance, we will share it.  Thanks for everyone’s engagement on this issue!!

Volunteer with FAAR and the Food Bank on October 7, 2023

Volunteer with FAAR and the Food Bank on October 7, 2023

Community Service Committee Volunteer Opportunity

The Community Service Committee has scheduled a volunteer opportunity for 10 volunteers with the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank for Saturday, October 7th from 8:45 AM to noon to pack food boxes for seniors.

Signing up to Volunteer

Anyone who will be volunteering will need to email AND register as a volunteer through After you create an account and/or are registered through for the October 7th event,  you will be added as a “team member” to the volunteer opportunity.

Children 10 and up can volunteer too! 

In addition to being open to FAAR members and friends, children 10 years old and up can participate as well, as long as they’re accompanied by a parent/guardian. Please complete the below Youth Consent Form and email it to Dominique Thomas via scan or email.

Youth Volunteer Consent Form


Thank you and reach out to if you have any questions.

NFIP Set to Expire on 9/30 & Looming Government Shutdown

Here we go again…the National Flood Insurance Program is set to expire on September 30 and if allowed to lapse, that means no new or renewed policies.  This has the potential to impact real estate transactions so here are some concrete actions you can take to head off any issues.  Update provided by NAR’s Insurance Committee Chair.

Please be aware that the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is set to expire on September 30th. This impending deadline could have significant implications for our clients, especially those in flood-prone regions.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) is actively working on this matter. Please refer to the NAR FAQ  for a comprehensive understanding of NAR’s ongoing efforts and preparations. You can get it here:

Recommendation for Immediate Action:

  1. If you have clients currently under contract, it is strongly advised to ensure they bind and pay for their flood insurance before the September 30th deadline.
  2. For clients whose flood insurance is up for renewal within the next 30 days, consider encouraging them to renew their policies as soon as possible.

And now on to issue #2, the potential for a government shutdown.  NAR has put out a great update on how different programs would be impacted.  Quick look:  FHA can still operate for single family home loans but no multifamily, NFIP suspends so no new policies or renewals (see above), and USDA will not issue any new RD direct loans.

NAR Government Shutdown Info

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